Gearbox recon recommendations.

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Bobba, Nov 23, 2021.

  1. Hi all,
    After reading a thread on here about whining gearboxes I'm looking for suggestions of decent transmission specialists.

    It's a 6 rib with a whine in 3rd which has become a whine in 4th as well, it pops out of 1st on occasion just for good measure. We're dropping the engine anyway so it seems the right time to get it sorted. Especially now that I've dithered for long enough that @paneuropaul has sold his!!
    @busmonkey has been consulted and is understandably busy with his own so I'm casting my nets beyond the sacred shores of the forum.

    I'm based just south of Bristol. Has anyone had experience with Gloucester Rd gearboxes???

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Seeing as the busmonkey is busy I would recommend Bears 0121 742 2200.

    They rebuild a gearbox for me in approx 2013, it's been fine and they were easy people to deal with
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  3. I know this won't be much help as I haven't lived in Bristol for about 25 years, but back in the 'old days' Gloucester Rd Gearboxes were generally considered one of the best in the region. My ex father in law was a mechanic, and said they were the only place he would ever use.
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  4. So far.. and I am still waiting for my gearbox from them, Bears seem to have a decent reputation ...

    And seem to offer a fairly thoroughly documented process.

    My quotation is for £1188, after stripping it down.

    I gave him a list of the problems that I had and they have been checked out against what was found in the stripped down gearbox.

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  5. theBusmonkey

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    Seems reasonable:thumbsup:
    When do you hope to have it back up and running?
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  7. Bears are Just round the corner from me. They were very helpful when I needed some parts for the nosecone.
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  8. Bears did mine too and they were extremely helpful and friendly.
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  9. If you’re near to Chichester (or even if you aren’t), there’s a bloke there who does mine. It’ll cost you £500-£600.
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  10. Hi - also in Bristol and I spoke with Gloucester Rd Gearboxes last year and they said they cant get the bits so no- I tried the Ill take the risk just take it apart and give me a report / parts list but they didnt get back to me - fortunately I dont have a whine but a difficult third and a loose selection system hopefully fixed

    best of luck
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  11. Thanks for the tip @Nicolasticity.

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