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  1. Who has done what?

    I was thinking a lot about FI while motoring along the autobahns last month, especially when filling up with fuel on a frequent basis!

    I've thought about a programmable 123 distributor, but it seems that for the price of that I can get a proper ECU. Upgrade to TBs wouldn't be vastly expensive as I could sell the 40s currently fitted, so injection may well be the way to go.
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    I have factory fit FI and it's perfect, I doubt there would be much to be saved fuel efficiency wise though those carbs love to throw fuel in by the bucket full
  3. I have factory FI as well and it runs lovely however on a long run I only get 23mpg so not great, it does seem to get better the furher I go though
  4. Got just under 24 on the long Euro trip this summer, including mountain crossings and some horrible traffic.
  5. I had jenvey throttle bodies on the zetec engine in my mk2 escort. They are fantastic and make the power delivery very smooth, pulling cleanly from low revs throughout the rev range. With carbs it was an undrivable celery despite being rolling road tuned

    I know that vw air cooled engines are a somewhat different proposition but the principles are the same. Just need a trigger wheel, ecu and some tb's. No reason bike ones wouldn't work and I'm sure bogg brothers could do a suitable manifold or make one yourself.

    It's been on my mind to try something like that for a while and i might well have a go on my sons beetle......
  6. I'm not sure that the manifolds for the Webers wouldn't work with TBs that have injector mountings at the base. Seen CB Performance's web site and they have TBs with injector mounts and manifolds with injector mounts as well.
  7. We managed 26mpg on a steady run over to West Wales in our 1700 Fi earier this year. it was mostly dual caariageway though and a steady 55-60mph
  8. you can pick up motorbike stuff for next to no money ....i`m going VFR 800 throttle bodies ..... picked up a set for £31 the Jenvey stuff is porn but way outa my price
  9. What are you doing to mount these / which manifolds? Do the VFR TBs have the injectors as well?
  10. Mines a 2.0 fi standard usa engine with a cat, on a motorway run its seems quite good say 25ish at 50/55mph, but around town much less. Starts and runs much better since changed to electronic ignition. Building up a spares box, just bought a double relay!
  11. they are on home made manifolds ,TBs include injectors ,fuel rail and Throttle position sensor .....its built but project is stalled so not been run ,currently deciding on ECU .....missing tooth ignition as well
  12. Megasquirt?
  13. Type 1 or Type 4 engine by the way?
  14. Type 4, 1911 cc (1700 with 96 mm barrels & pistons).
  15. I have the stock FI and its great, and a whole lot less hassle than carbs.
  16. Seems like unless you want to spend big money on a full kit, FI is quite involved and I don't have time to do this sort of stuff myself. Going to look at a cam change, set up the carbs properly with regard to venturi size and put on some form of programmable ignition system.

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