FOR SALE Florida busses in North Carolina....

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  2. I saw a split at a show that had a cast iron bench as the driving seats...... Tad uncomfortable for my tastes.
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  3. 78 Champagne addition the only issues are the floors.and the rear quarters. Everything is ripped out he has all of the parts. Bits and screws .Engine believed to be a 2.0 but not sure. Small hit in the back. The side door isn't the best . Has the door cards and the side cards some have been redone so nothing stock. All the window seals trim etc. were repaired. Has all the glass and the rubber. Has all the glass louvered side for the side door.has the head rests.Has the brown dashboard brown steering wheel brown ashtray. Comes with the clock which is functioning. The floors need to be redone. Also has the rear corner pieces new to Weld In. The engine ran when he parked it but hasn't tried to start it in a long time ..five rib transmission. Rock solid underneath.has bumpers as well. Full bus just needs to be put back together great for restore dual carburetors but some strange name I forget what he told me. He restores everything he was driving it around but decided to take it apart and just ran out of time. Interest .3800 us dollars ..bittom line price . Cheers , cool plane builder guy .

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    Talked to him.
    Solid underneath.
    One hole in floor .
    Hasnt run in 5 years but was parked.
    Refrigerator ,doubt it works,
    Rust around front window ,,,
    1973 1.7 ,needs carb rebuild obviously ...
    3500 $ bottom price .
    4000 £ delivered to u.k
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  5. Very sore arse comes to mind ooooooooh .
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    There were some of those on UK eBay last Oct. think went for £265
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  8. Good to know..
  9. hy mate i am in the market for a decentish one less work the better lol a split would be nice ,keep up the good work mate gedd

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