FOR SALE Florida busses in North Carolina....

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  1. hi all.
    Im in florida and pending notification fom the mods ,aka to sponsor .
    Any mods out there .please contact me . Ive been waiting to here from .you
    Some know me i live in germany ...
    Im searching for buses and am finding some good deals.
    Im here till april...
    Ive exported for a someone on here and if someones interested .
    In importing i can help with finding .physical inspection ,delivery to port . and introductions .followthrough
    We all need cheap busses,,,,!

    Some deals ..
    Among others ....
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  2. Yeah. , ! Cheap .busses .its amazing cheap .add 2000 us dollars to southhampton. All-inclusive.this is no joke .....
    I take care of everyhing for you ,,,,for a few hundred ,.
    Mods please contact me . For proper placing of this thread ,Not looking for trouble here .
    But been waiting to here from you ...
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  4. Hey thanks , been waiting a week or so to hear from them about paying etc,,,
    But getting people into cheap busses is what were all about . So its a positive thing .
    God know we all dumped enough into them .and ive been on this forum for a while..
    Never knew they were so cheap here in florida .!
    Thanks for the positive response .
    Vero beach ,,,florida ...
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  8. Sorry .
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    super nice..spoke to him .he says needs a steering box rebuild .but hes super meticulous from the way he talks , and obliviously you can tell by the photos /..
    Edit ,,,

    Hope im not bumping here
    Sweet bus in miami ..

    Fyi. Shipping is 1250 to southhampton .including transport to port .
    Customs is about 500 dollars
    Import tax is 5 % of stated purchase price ,,,,
    Contacted him Ill be in miami next week to look at this bus ,!
    Less than 9000£ Delivered !
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  10. John's just sorted me a new bus from Florida, it should be collected on Tuesday Feb 23. £3500 all up delivered to Ipswich.

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  11. John sorted me a sweet landmark as well, just trying to sort out the guys with cheap solid busses as they're out there just not in the UK these days, importing is a doddle and you can trust John :thumbsup:
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  12. New bus starting its journey, only about 3000 miles to go! John's in Florida in April so if you want a" man on the ground" who will find it, check it out, send loads of pictures, negotiate on price, find a shipper and be there when the money changes hands and the bus get collected then he's your man for sure. Bus on trailer.jpg
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  13. Sorry, meant to say he's on Florida UNTIL April!
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  15. parts bus only......went to see this today .rusted bad . too far gone , starts up ...drives etc . mechanically o.k,
    2.0 carb ,5 rib trans. rockn roll rear bed, good all the bits. etc
    sliding door bits..dont open it though!!!

    front doors are repairable . 105,000 miles.. starts right up,,,, end price ..3500 pound posted to southhampton

    00E0E_jGtMUNA8mRs_600x450.jpg ,
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  16. 72 with 79 2.0
    Owned by an english women here in florida ..
    wanted to restore it but ran out of time , she's moving home to england ..
    And shes not a mechanic.
    $ 5000 !... 3500 £

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  17. I like this
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