Fitting solar from scratch

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  1. its a direct wifi connection. pretty sure it works with any controller that has a emote meter output. what do you have now?
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  2. Jut got the app sorted now cheers @pkrboo u need android phone for this and yes mine is all hidden in a cupboard not visable and the app tells u all u need to know no internet needed as it just wifi s to the app I'm just trying to get a spare cheap phone with the app on that sits on my dash !!

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  3. This ^^ as long as u have this connection to the wifi box ect it will work on any set up !!

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  4. No hookup needed for me iv a small inverter just in case I need plug which clips on the battery but I'll install in behind 1 of my plugs eventually mate and may add a 2nd panel if needed but I think I'm good fridge been on for 3 days and lights and stereo nonstop and got down to 12.6volts over night but soon and it's light the controller kicks in and now it 13.7 volts still with all the load on it great boy of kit

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  5. I can only fit 50w but my fridge runs on gas so it will only be the lights and esbacher in the winter, gonna get that controller as well.the one that boosts it seen one on offer at photonic universe £119.
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  6. Thad where I got my panel mate !!

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  8. What leads do I need as the other was a full kit ?
  9. Plus it doesn't have gutters like my bay so will I need some adhesive clips to keep the wires straight and attached to the van ?
  10. Thanks - it's a Chinese one (VicTsing 30A) from two or three years back - the manual was crap at when I first installed it, but I'm pretty sure there isn't a chance in hell of it having an emote meter output. Maybe this is an opportunity to upgrade, though :thinking: (Although having been done with any interior work for two years I'm not sure I can face redoing the side of the cupboard to make the hole good where it currently is!)
  11. So have you solar people fitted a charge controller that supports 2 batteries or are you managing that a different way?

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  14. 4th day battery was still 13.1 volts this morning but was just starting to charge up as light was coming up this morning still got radio on and fridge not been turned off

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  15. I have a dual controller by there aren't many about . Tbh if there is an issue with the starter needing to be charged all the time that should get fixed first. I will be selling mine soon to upgrade to a 30 amp mppt controller.

    (You on a nexus 4 now?)

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  16. Starter is fine (touch wood!) Just thinking if it's charging all the time it may as well keep the starter topped up as well :) might be a winter job yet, spare time is at a premium at the min......

    (Yup, dropped the 6P and smashed the screen so it's in for repair and I'm on the backup phone :( )

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  17. I have a duel controller as well on the landy, I have it set to 90% to the leisure battery and 10% to starter.
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  18. Just an update as I have the app set up now on android tablet !! It's basically the display but u can set things to come on ect only in daylight and just run things off the solar panel ect I just wanna now it's charging and still full !!

    On day 5 now not turned fridge off at all and this is the data I just got to my tablet still 12.8volts

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  19. What current does your fridge draw, how is the weather now :)
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  20. Max 4.5 amps but it's compresor fridge so cuts off for long periods of time and will be under more load in Spain as hotter buts it's raining at the minute here

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