Fitting solar from scratch

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by 1973daisey, Jun 22, 2017.

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    Dead useful mate. May do the same to ours when it's road worthy!

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  2. Solar complete....
    Mounted the panel on the roof , the under slung junction box was a pain recommend on top ones !!! But I glued x2 thin wooden planks either end with a cut out for the box and wires !!
    Then made a snake chain system for when Poptop2 goes up all ready had this I had planned to use it !! Ran panel cables into wordrobe and hid all cable !! I haven't played with app / wifi yet but it's all working in the dull grey sky at this hour I was getting 0.5 Amps off to the battery and 14volts !! Shall report back with app on phone later !! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    No wires in site
    All in all I'm well happy
    U can't see it at all but it's up there and always charging my leisure battery all the time !!!

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    Blimey, you don't 'ang around Si! Quick work :thumbsup:
    Didn't realise you had the same kind of ridged roof as like what I've got ....I'd like to fit a solar panel in the future for sure, but was concerned about not getting full contact between roof and panel because of the ridges, and that the air flow underneath might lift it a bit, so I'm interested to see how you've done yours. Looks alright, eh? Look forward to the full report after your Spain and France adventures, and then maybe at Techenders next April.....! :D
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  4. I'll probably do a blog / thread on here again 19 days is along time away on the bus with no electric so this is a must have for me !! I'll keep u all informed and I'll be at September techenders also !!

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  5. to me it looks like it'll blow off at 60mph..........better keep the speed down to.......lets say 59...
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  6. I tried to pull it off I used a tube of sticks like sh#t they recommend just a small bede

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  7. Not much to report this morning but went to bed 12.6 volts in battery bars showing 60%full now it's sunny ☀️ it's on 13.7volts and says full I'm gonna fill the fridge full of calling now and stick it in the van and leave a few things on charge ect and keep swapping out cold cans putting warm ones in and opening and closing fridge , not figured the app out yet as turns out its android only all iPhone in our house

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  8. Update....
    Filled beer fridge up set -4 temp got stereo on charging phone all on leasure battery!!
    The controller fired into life and solar panel was getting a little over 6amp and sending over 8 amps to my battery !! Now that is allot better than I ever imagined I'd planned 4/5 amps would be enough !! In normal light when sun goes in seems to me about 2.5a - 3.3amps to the battery so even then it's covering the fridge and when sun comes out it boosts it up !! Clever controller glad I spent the extra money !!

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  9. [​IMG]
    This is all u can see off the solar installation

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  10. Where are you hiding the charge controller? Inside the rear cupboard

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  11. Yes Matt it's inside the wordrobe with my rcd and leisure battery fuses

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    I have to say, I do rather like the snake chain thingy for the electric cable; clever :thumbsup:
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  13. Where did the cable tidy come from?

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  14. Looks like an Igus track to me, we use them on printers to hold the cables to the carriage, I suspect they hold cables on Stannah stair lifts :)
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  15. I use it on lifts and had some left over from a repair

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  16. Ur not far wrong I use it on big lifts in shafts to keep cables from snagging [​IMG]

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  17. one question the leads from the panel how do you get them through the roof/water tight gland, can you take the connectors off and pass through or is there a different way of doing this?
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  18. I use the pop top fibre glass part as it's got drain holes so the water runs down the gutters then fished through the wood surround I planned a route 1st with a draw wire

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  19. I'm pleased to see solar is still being installed on the forum! :) (sorry, long time no see everyone)

    How does the wifi bit work? Is it via the cloud or a router? or is it just transmitting and your phone is connecting to it to read the info? I assume it will only work with the controller you have?

    I love my solar install still, but it could be tidier in the installation/display of the info from the controller and having it on my phone would be lovely :thumbsup:
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  20. Awesome job mate, you can ditch the hookup lead now for summer :thumbsup:
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