Ffestiniog...what to look out for

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  1. welsh holiday accommodation

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  2. abandoned quarry up the road..

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  3. Centre of Alternative Technology, Pete's Eats in Llanberis, have chips with whatever you order. Tryfan via North ridge and jump from Adam to Eve. If you are feeling really adventurous continue up Bristly Ridge and come back down via Devils Kitchen path into Cwm Idwal. Plenty of other ways down but that one is low on the adrenaline count if not used to dirty great big drops. Mind you there's plenty of that on Bristly. Crib Goch from Llanberis Pass carpark to summit of Snowden. Moel Hebog. If you die or get divorced, Mrs P had sorted dog visiting rights half an hour into Crib, it's not my fault. Have fun.
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  4. We climbed Snowdon on the Rhyd ddu path from the village..
    The crib goch looks like madness
  5. But fun.;)

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