Ffestiniog...what to look out for

Discussion in 'Wales' started by art b, Jul 2, 2017.

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    Electric mountain ,you need to book in advance,its a trip by bus underground to see the hydro electric power plant .Just across the road from the Snowdon train.Absolutely a must .
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    I have, it's a 2 hour push ride up , 20 minutes back down :D
    No bikes between 10am &4pm Aprli/october is the voluntary agreement and only llanberis and Ranger paths are legal.
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  3. we went to a slate quarry museum, called LLechwedd slate caverns, http://www.llechwedd-slate-caverns.co.uk/ its an underground experience going down a steep railway tunnel and being escorted around the fantastic caverns with lakes and lit up now, showing how the miners worked to dig out the slate, and the lovely museum is in a time warp.

    we also stayed in Bala and hired a sailing dinghy which was top class and bikes to cycle around the lake.
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  4. Caernarfon Castle
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    Highlight of my recent campervan trip to wales was visiting Dolgellau and parking up at the Mach Loop, walking up to the vantage point and within minutes of arriving, witnessing 2 RAF Hawks low flying through the valley.. Absolutely spectacular ... would have loved to have seen a euro fighter or F15 but the Hawks were blooming ace ..

    Were off the the west coast of Scotland next week, Skye and Sutherland.. epic ... :)
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  6. Ooh eggs or bacon, gotta love auto correct makes for some excellent sentences :)
  7. Sounds cool..
    I've been in the Hoover dam generation rooms..
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    It'll be colder and wetter :p
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  9. Yup I've been to Wales before...:(
  10. Raf valley if your going onto Anglesey, there's a beach were you can stand next to it on top of the dunes
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    ooohhh ,a you mocking my Chinese helatage:theforce:
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    actually they had a leak on a dump valve which I pointed out to them.
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  13. Who are the Welsh guys at TE...?
    Bay window and the lads bug..:confused:
    They were going to give me some local knowledge..:hattip:
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  14. Conway is nice !!
  15. Best castle in Wales. Wall design based on the Great Walls of Constantinople.

    Chippy in Barmouth best one for miles..

    Morffa Dyffryn sandunes and nature reserve is the best on he coast. Snowdon up crib goch ridge, Tryfan is a hoot too. penmachno for mountain biking. Bethesda for th longest zip wire ride in the country....1mile.

    It's a playground up there. Have fun , diolch yn fawr! (Thanks very much. Pron. 'Dee och an vower ')
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  16. That's @chris_g from Welshpool
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  17. I wouldn't recommend Corwen if you've a dog and want a drink at 1 pm.
    Nearly all the pubs were shut. One that was open had a no dogs sign. Luckily we found another which was open, asked if we could bring the dogs in and they said yes. Quite friendly actually. We were the only customers but it was only when we were leaving that we noticed a sign saying no dogs which had fallen down!

    It seems that not many people go walking there as many of the paths and bridleways were shoulder deep in bracken and nettles.

    Can't fault the site we are staying at. Caer something or other. Spotlessly clean and seriously hot water for dishwashing.
  18. If you like your Mountain Biking then one of the best trail centres, and the the first in the UK is at Coed Y Brenin. There are a couple of wild spots you can park up at nearby too. There are showers (£1 last time I went) at the biking centre.
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  19. If you've got a decent camera and like fast jets then head to the MACH Loop LAF7

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