EXTRA TECHENDERS 25/26 SEPTEMBER 2015 (done thank you all)

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  1. Excellent - thank you :)
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  2. Also have to say thanks to everyone who made me a cups of tea!! @davidoft helped me out fitting my inner window scraper. @WoodyLubber for the firetec

    @1973daisey for lending me the exhaust gas analyser,which i am going to have a play with and generally helping out.

    And here is a gratuitous shot if my new engine work lights

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  3. I wasn't trying to make any sort of division...or making anyone justify what van they drive......it's more the word 'future'.

    Factually - the future for T5's in 40 years time is very few people will be able to work on them, just as very few people can right now - even the tech at VW right now swap components out. These guys in X amount of years will be no more clued on with how to fix them than they are now.

    So Techenders, mainly with T5's, will be kind of not very tech, will it?*

    *bare in mind I don't work on mine if I can help it, and have updated the technology to ensure I do even less - so quite probably I am an arch hypocrite.
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  4. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    my "it's the future" comment is a bit of an ongoing joke me and woody started saying..... obviously the last generation of any marque to tinker with probably ended 20 years ago, i commented today that although probably more reliable than a bay there is less chance of a roadside fix if it did break down.
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  5. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    It's your " Future " and it's my " Future " It may become Robo's Future but if it ain't their Future, Who cares :thumbsup:
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  6. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    I might be one day but it's unlikely everyone will suddenly think right now is the time for a change. And as you say, who cares?
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  7. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    one thing i will say is you could get a brilliant transit all kitted out for a lot less than some mug just spent on a T5......
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  8. Twas a fantabulous weekend as it always is, meeting old & new faces & missing a few of the usual ones too!

    I didn't break anything on the way so had no requirement to fix anything, I have soooo many shiny bits I could have spent the weekend swearing at but as we had friends with us we just chilled...

    Mrs Robo has informed me the available dates for April are open for votes so will go find them out next!
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  9. After all the tears from Katie Saturday just to get her to look in your van & then finally get her to go into the roof she has since admitted that yours is nice!

    Most who spend time with me & stay awake long enough @vanorak :beer: will have heard me drivel on about wanting a T5, but didn't have the funds so bought the bay!

    We got a wave from a lovely orange T5 on our way home too :thumbsup:

    I would love to keep the bay but its looking more likely it will have to go to help fund the new Robowagen!
  10. Jack Tatty

    Jack Tatty Supporter

    Got home to Bradford about 9pm....mind I did detour via family bbq in Brummagem. Only stayed one night but glad we came. With 5 year old in tow I couldn't partake in much revelry, but it was nice to see some old faces. Kinda missed doing any spannering, although I did throw my tool box in the bus and lent @Spacecowboyuk a wrench to help with his gearbox oil change :D. Loved Mr and Mrs @theBusmonkey 's beetle, and thanks again the @Robo clan for letting us sit round your fire and the invitation to watch the rugby, even if I did have to bail a few minutes after the start cos mini Tatty wanted her bed :).
  11. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Ace weekend folks, Tilly enjoyed her first real camp out, her butt is fully tanned along with the rest of her after spending the majority of the time semi clothed, many thanks to Mrs @1973daisey for keeping an eye on Tilly @sANDYbAY for icecream fruit sweets and anything else Tilly used her charms to procure, thanks to @pkrboo for allowing the upstairs of his van to be used for lookout and more Tilly nakedness, thanks @Robo and @Mrs_Robo for marshmallows :) and @Razzyh for bike loan :D

    Made it home for 5.30 in time for Sunday roast, Tilly fell asleep for an hour in the van before the first petrol station, no surprise there :D
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  12. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Any if those things would be more than I ever do :) If I get a newer van I'd have to take stuff off to do less!
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  13. It would be my today if I was in control
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  14. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    ha that's the 1st time i've heard someones mrs admit they aren't the boss..... has he drugged you lena?
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  15. When it comes to this I have to admit I can persuade quite easily but not in total control! I've shown him a couple since we got home but there's always something not ticked on his list!
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  16. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    yep research is the key - me and lu specifically wanted to design a van the way that suited us better this time with no fear of "spoiling" an original like the bay was, so buying an empty van with low miles and full history plus as new as possible was agreed to be a wise plan, fighting 100's of othere people for a van with higer miles on and an interior fitted that didn't really suit us was a bit daft - having said that i nearly agreed to pay £18k for one that was exactly that..........
  17. Where was your van from @rickyrooo1 I have a similar view to yourself especially as our bay didn't have any interior when we got her & although it would be good to buy one already kitted out ready to go I'm just not sure! However we are not in a rush and we shall research it to death between the two of us however the biggest obstacle was convincing the kids & although they will be sad to see our Molly go they have embraced the idea of a newer Molly & apparently its got to be orange! Thats's o r an g e...
  18. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

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  20. I'm negotiable on interior but I'm particular about the exterior ... There could be some discussions..
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