Eurovision 2014

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  1. I spent a week in bognor with the last lass
    I renew the restraining order every two years
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  2. Merlin Cat

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    Bloody hell!!! What, you too?!
  3. Poptop2

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    What's the story morning glory?
  4. Birdy

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    The final non staying guests have just left. I'm so tied I can't sleep. I'm sure my malibu bacon will do the trick tomorrow. Nom nom nom.
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  5. Birdy

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    And what a shock. Those top 3 songs have not been in the top 10 for a mighty long time. I didn't see the winner done it. Seems like Europe loves a tranny.
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  6. What had you gone as?
  7. I didn't watch except to see who won it this morning, and all I can say is, if that was the best song on the night, Gord 'elp us! If there was a contest for forgettable dirges, I'd vote for the Austrian ladyboy fella chappy..
  8. im glad i have no interest in this yearly farce :)
    a woman with a beard that can't sing won it....:confused:
  9. What a fantastic weekend.

    A great city, did bit of sightseeing, enjoyed a "hippy commune", saw an old friend and got absolutely hammered in a bar called Billy's Booze. A fair few random interludes as you'd expect "on tour" but none more that on the Saturday afternoon when we were having a quiet lunch in an Irish pub (not my choice) which was suddenly invaded by a 40-piece brass band. And not one like the England Supporters' Band, but a good one that everyone liked. Suddenly our sleepy pub was the biggest party in Denmark!

    On the Saturday evening we took the free bus, full of fans of every nation. Despite being European, Australia and to a lesser extent NZ and SA were well represented too. Started a chorus of Jerusalem on the bus, followed by the rap from World in Motion, which always goes down well.

    The actual venue was superb, especially considering it was actually a disused shipyard. The courtyard outside was possibly the happiest place I've ever been. Slightly tipsy people from all corners of Europe talking, hugging, taking pictures and swapping mementos. Never been anywhere like it. Absolutely brilliant atmosphere and very good for the soul. I have never bowled up to so many strangers in one evening and started chatting and - thanks to a few Swedes - drooling.

    The building was made up of two halls, the larger of which housed the show and the smaller the enormous bar. Our group's seats were split into three areas. Two mates and I took our seats just before the first act started, but we were soon joined by a very excited friend who informed us that no-one was checking tickets at the entrance to the standing area. So down we went - and he was right! Standing cost four times what our seats did, but that was by the by. We cheered, chanted, danced, pogo'd and generally pestered various ladies as the beer continued to flow. When the beer ran out (yes, the beer ran out) we inexplicably moved on to gin. But the adrenalin kept the blackouts at bay.

    Yes the music was largely rubbish, but the spectacle was amazing and the complete lack of cynicism was a thing of beauty. When it was over and Connie Sausage had her moment we all filed out, bussed back to the city and carried on. Roll on Austria 15!

    Some pictures...

    Me, at my heterosexual best, ready for action.


    Austrians outside the BW Hallern.


    View from our seats (unused).


    View from our blagged position.






    Polish butter churner.

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  10. :eek: did you grow that beard specially
  11. No, it's the one I was born with.
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  12. hailfrank

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    Please tell me I haven't missed it! I knew it was soon but seriously I can't have missed it
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  13. 72wilma

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    It'll be on iPlayer @hailfrank or head over to @Birdy s, he recorded it

    If you're a very good boy I'm sure he'll let you watch last few years recordings too ;)
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  14. Terrordales

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    @Birdy for your sandwiches
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  15. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

  16. Birdy

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    I'm sure she's been on Babestation. And shame you were not near the front. You could see Italy's pasta lunch.

    I'm as envious as hell. Watching it it seemed that the atmosphere was fantastic. Am I right in thinking the audience were really sing along to Conchita's Rise Like a Penis??

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