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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Birdy, May 6, 2014.

  1. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Well there goes my favorite, packing her bags for home even as l tap. I did apologise before hand. l'm known for giving countries the kiss of death if l like their song. l loved you Portugal. Sadly the rest of Europe didn't.

    So I'm backing ITALY.
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  2. Italy = Nil point.
    I can see it now.
  3. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    I can vote for England for the first now I'm over here.

    Bit I won't as I've never voted and will never, it'd all a bit passed it now and a waste of money and time.
  4. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Bring on the Eurocamp!
  5. What about The Netherlands?
    Media overhere has high hopes.

    Personally they may cancel this whole event.
    Have not brought any memorable music since the seventies.

    Greetz from The Netherlands
  6. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    I hope Ms.T is working when this is on, that way I won't be sent out of the room for making snarky & snide comments.

    Plus I won't have to hide the remote for the tellybox ;)
  7. Eurovision took a dive for me when Wogan stopped doing the commentary. He was the best bit about it.
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  8. Complete waste of time and money, it's all political voting and nothing to do with the songs, now that Wogan has gone the BBC should scrap it's coverage,
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  9. Pod


    I love it, it's one of the few things the kids will watch with us and there's usually some great comedy moments to accompany the bloody awful singing. Have a few beers, enjoy it for what it is (a freak show) and forget the politics :p
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  10. C'mon England, I actually quite like our entry this year (in a eurovision kind of way, anyway) :)
  11. Norton's amazing! I've never understood a word that's come out of Wogan's mouth. Not his accent, just the carp he spouts :p
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  12. Yes you're right.

    I am now cancelling my flights to Copenhagen and my ticket for the final. I will tell my seven mates that are going not to enjoy it as it's a waste of time and money.
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  13. Everyone says it's political voting and yes people do tend to vote for their neighbours - unless they are at war with them - but this is obvious! The only way to take politics out of it would be to present a selection of songs and not make the country of origin known. Which would be boring.

    We're guilty of it too. We tend to give points to Ireland, they tend to give points to us. Perhaps because a lot of Irish live here and quite a few of us live over there? This is even more pronounced where countries don't have seas seperating them. Perhaps neighbours also share the same culture, which of course includes music?

    Everyone said now the Eastern European countries were in it us Westerners wouldn't get a look in, because 'they all vote for each other'. This hasn't proved to be the case.
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  14. it's complete tosh....and for that reason alone, i enjoy it, assuming I remember it's on....
    I went to a Eurovision party last year where everyone has to choose a country, dress up and take related food and booze....turned up in a Beret, false 'tache, stripey top, smoking gauloise, brandishing cheese, wine and other f*cker had bothered to get dressed up:D
    I was convinced that this blond girl had gone as a frumpy german and made some funny remark...turns out she hadn't.....:D
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  15. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Well Dave if you're lucky and pick the winning country you will walk away with the top prize of the night: the CD containing ALL the songs.
  16. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Ms.T just showed me a photo of the Austrian entry .............. that's got to be the winner. :lol:
  17. Nice beard. :D
  18. Eurovision used to be quite a thing when we were growing up, you'd have Cliif and the Shadows playing 6 or so songs on Cilla's show and then the public would vote for which one they wanted to represent us, next year someone would sing their 6 or so songs on Rolf Harris's show...the British public always voted for the song I hated too. I haven't watched it in yonks, we might tune in this Saturday to see if it's still the same mixture of good, bad n awful it used to be. What's folks favourites from days gone by? I've got this on the iPod, I love it and I'm not even gay or owt....check out the conductor...smoooooooth
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  19. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Part 2 tonight.
  20. who won i missed it ??:oops:

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