Engine will not start after rebuild - suspect electrickery.

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by rickyrooo1, May 11, 2014.

  1. My thought on that is that if there was always fuel in the lines before then there may have been enough to get started and running, as this thin red/white wire is only supplying power whilst cranking, once running it does nothing.
  2. The last FI engine I worked on required me making a new loom section up for the DR as it was very scabby... taped up splits with twisted together wires :eek:


    Is it running yet?? ;)
  3. Agree totally, but Rick isn't getting anything and I'd expect it to at least cough or fire up to point that everything to this point is working. If it does this and then dies I'd suggest it's the AFM not keeping the pump running or DR...

  4. Don't tell Ricky that, he'll be suicidal before he even gets to test it!
  5. I have included another loom in the box of bits hopefully he won't need it!
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  6. I have just had confirmation that the poobus is alive and kickingĀ”!!!!!!!! @rickyrooo1 is a happy man
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  7. What was it?
  8. bet he forgot to attach a wire...this is more tense than a who-done-it on Enders!
  9. Yippee.....
  10. It was the red with white trace wire, reconnected it and it fired up. However this wire has never been connected since he has had the van. My theory is that there was always enough fuel in the lines before to not need the short burst from the pump during cranking. And as for why it worked before when he changed the lines I am not sure, BUT it could be because this time he had the engine out and apart so had to build oil pressure etc maybe??
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  11. Yeah, makes complete sense...glad he got it sorted...we all pointed him towards the wore from starter to DR, so top work TLB!
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    Brilliant news Ricky, so it's a very happy birthday boy.
  13. Good news, I thought that would do it. :)
  14. kev


    No fuel
  15. Fuel pump wasn't getting any power on cranking. He connected the wire from starter to fuel pump via DR et voila.
  16. great stuff , well done all that contributed , have a good weekend all and you rick , the glow is shining darn ear :thumbsup:
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    Enjoy your birthday now rick
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    Good work everybody :thumbsup:
  19. rickyrooo1

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    happy days, van seems to run ok sounds completely different with no tinkle sound or blowing exhaust paranoia says engine sounds a bit knocky but it's maybe my mind..... took it a ride round the farm gears all shift seems ok all in all i'm chuffed thanks all you wonderful people
  20. Maybe you can just hear the engine now. I started up a new one today and it sounded like a tractor, then I realised I had my head in the engine bay. Paranoia as you say!

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