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Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Owen Snell, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Whats wrong with a type 4 airbox? Couldnt you used that
  2. We might adapt it to fit,only problem is the size/shape of the Weber idf's.
  3. It's gonna be one big air box ! Could you not use those foam type filters ?
    Ref the reliability of FI ...it's gonna be more reliable than carbs hence all modern cars use it .
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  4. I agree. I could fix most of the faults on the cars of my youth, and frequently had to. Now it's hard to fix modern stuff, but it doesn't break, so who cares?
  5. FI is adaptable to your driving needs...

    So it's not as simple as for X amount of throttle, Y amount of fuel goes in... The fuelling map is actually 3D, plus you have an ignition map and other data to include too... So FI is far more advanced than a pair of old carbs :thumbsup:
  6. It's going to be 2056 cc with FI using IDF pattern throttle bodies and crank fired ignition controlled by a Megasquirt. The only undecided point at the moment is the cam selection.
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  7. What size valves?
    Ported heads?
  8. 41 mm inlet and 34 mm exhaust (1800 heads), ported. @Paul Weeding will advise on CR. Going for 40 mm TBs.
  9. Should be nice! What injection system you going to use?
  10. Getting it as a kit from the dub shop in the US.
  11. Not cheap then ....
  12. Not cheap whichever way you do it if you're buying new parts.
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  13. Not going mad with the compression... Probably aim for 8.5:1 :cool:

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