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  1. I’ve never been to Argos :)
  2. Get outta here. You must have been in at least one Argos in the last 48 years. If only to get a catalogue to prop up a wonky table or to use as a free fire lighter.
  3. I am in there this morning as I found they were the only people who had stock of an HP Envy 360 15 inch convertible laptop with an AMD Ryzen 5 in it.

    So I will be picking up some groceries and a laptop from the in-store Argos this morning at Sainsburys Hedge End.

    I use the eBay collection in Argos quite often.
  4. I have also been on the bus from Naufplion to Argos, to go and look at Mycenae which is just a bit out of town.

    My wife came with me into Sainsburys for the first time since lockdown, so with the laptop we spent a little over £1000 in Sainsburys and Argos this morning.
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    And so you should, you little floozy.

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