End of an era ...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bernjb56, Jul 30, 2020.

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  2. I remember when Razzle finished printing and went on- line readers wives was never the same :(
  3. So how will kids choose their Christmas presents now
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  4. Oh how marvellous, I can peruse the Argos catalogues of my youth at leisure. Hours, maybe even days, of fun.
    I’ve just found my first clock radio in the 1983/4 edition on page 213, I remember going to the Salisbury Argos to buy it, it took me ages to save up £17.99!


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  5. Whatever happened to Morphy Richards? Be talking about Soda Streams next...
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  6. I had the alarm without the radio in it. It used to have a snooze feature, hit the button on the top and the alarm would stop, 9 minutes later the alarm would go off again, perfect for a teenager, you could say you set the alarm for 7:30, but wouldn't get up until 7:57.
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  7. So, how do we know what they sell anymore?
  8. Telepathy. You can buy a pack of it from then. Item number 333657. It’s in the same section as magic spells and foot spas.
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  9. Well this has surprised me :eek:

    I didn't figure it being Argos catalogues phased out, I was, however, expecting Bazza to announce he is having a new syrup :D
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  10. This is nothing short of a disaster.

    Until now, when irritated by someone, I would post their name/address on (a different) internet forum and folk from all over the country would send them Argos catelogues (which as you may or may not know, fit happily into a standard Royal Mail postbox) in envelopes with no stamps.
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  11. Surely you’ve got some old issues of Freemans Catalogue lying around somewhere Baz?
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  12. Aah, lacy Littlewoods gussets. Every adolescent male's dream...
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  13. Just found out Argos are what Green Shield Stamps turned into.
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  14. It’s what we made do with in those days..... that and occasionally a bit of late night arty smut on BBC2 for a bit of bare boob or bottom, if we could wangle staying up :thumbsup:...
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  15. Really? Blimey, I remember my Mum collecting Green Shield Stamps, and then being able to choose something from a catalogue when she’d filled about 200 books of them. Those were the days eh?
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  16. My mum used to lug carrier bags full down to the Green Shield shop in Watford. If you collected about 400,000 of them, you could get a toaster :thumbsup:
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  17. Was it an original westfalia crumpet toaster?
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  18. I used to love getting my Bell’s Musical Instruments catalogue from Bell’s in Surbiton, and swoon longingly over the beautiful guitars I might one day own :(
  19. But did you ever end up owning one?
    I used to do the same over Thai Brides Monthly.
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  20. Most of their stuff was middling/cheap quality (although I think they used to sell those weird Burns guitars). No US stuff, mainly Japanese before the Japanese had got the hang of making them (better than the Americans, as it turned out).
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