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  1. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  2. LOL yeh. TBH im not fussed as it costs bugger all to keep on the road and hides in the garage so its not in the way. Its head office that insists I hve to sell it to replenish the savings account.
    I have turned down loads of offers cos i wont give it away. I think £8k is reasonable. If not ill strip the camper conversion for my T5 and sell it as an empty van.
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  3. Shes sold :-( Had to strip the camper interior as they just wanted a plain tin top. Shes being collected next week. Gonna be sad but time to move one.
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  4. Hello
    Are you still looking for a VW bus
    Please check out my advert on late bay under vw Jamie
    Happy to help
    Thank you
  5. Hi
    If you are still looking I can get you a 1977 sunroof model bay window
    From the USA
    Really solid with working slide back sunroof
    Has engine and tranny but none runner
    You could put you own interior inside
    Please can I have your email address for photos
    Will come with all documents to register
    Asking £5500 and that's for the bus here in the U.K.
    Thank you

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