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  1. Hi all I'm new to this site so apologies if I make any mistakes but I'm after a T2 to take wife and kids on a few local camping trip but only have a budget of 8/10k although I obviously want a good chassis I'm a mechanic so can take on some smallish jobs so if any body has a honest bus feel free to message me.already viewed a couple of apparently solid buses but I done my checks to find that was untrue.thanks in advance
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  2. PSG


    how many wives and kids do you have? Just so we can gauge which sort of bus you would require.
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  3. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    Budget not great, most expensive time to buy too but good luck
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  4. Wives? In others words a pop top would be suitable but if you have something for sale and I'm interested in I will come view and can increase budget for right van.cheers
  5. Rickyrooo1 I'm in no rush so would you say they slightly drop price obviously coming into winter ect as if I have to look till then that's fine.have missed out on a couple of nice lhd vans although would prefer a rhd.
  6. As said, you won't get a good one for such a low budget and this time of year there aren't many for sale as we are out camping in them. One or two others have joined here recently hoping to get a good one for a similar budget.

    Have you thought of hiring a T2 for a weekend and see if its what you really want. These vans are expensive and need constant attention, time and money to keep them going. Hiring for a few outings a year would be much cheaper than buying one and have it sit on the drive way for long periods not being used.
  7. Thanks for the advice but like I say I'm looking to buy 1 and if the right 1 comes along for 15k+ I will pay that but just want to see what's out there.I own other classic cars as I'm a mechanic and restore classic cars so maintenance and the way they drive ect dosnt matter as I have owned and drove plenty of old stuff and now how they feel and need attention hence looking for 1 at the price I've mentioned so I can work on it and make my own.appreciate all the advice ect but just looking to see what's for sale and if I have to wait I will as in no rush.
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  8. Thanks nobbly I'm sure I will find 1 quite soon.
  9. I have a 72 westy here
    Just arrived from USA
    Solid running bus, lovely orig interior
  10. I have a 73 tin top for sale
  11. Hi

    I have an jaffa rhd UK Devon pop top with 10 months mot she is has some rust but is solid if you are interested let me know I can email you some photos.
  12. Hi

    I have 73 westy for sale if you are still looking
  13. Here's mine - solid with scope for some attention inside. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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