Dropping out and living the dream

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  1. Reassuring they'd be able to spell a job they'd never work in.

    I'll withdraw my later comment as I was being an arse, my apologies..
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  2. I'm a bit tetchy tonight too...
  3. In my ripe old age 34 :gnome: I've started to believe the old cliché that when you get to your last hours you regret things you didn't do and not the things you did, I know it's easier said than done when family and children are involved though.

    From your very first step to your last each is closer to the end, so make sure you leave footprints in all the places you want to.

    I should stop drinking now :beer:
  4. Me and Mrs K have been debating selling up. Living on a wide beam 'narrow' boat. While still having a bit of bricks n mortar to rent and cover the costs. We would still have to work but at least the option is there to ease off a little.
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  5. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    Too much free time is your problem
  6. Honestly a conventional education is something I see as a negative. I feel like a failure every time I drop my daughter at the school gate. I'm putting her through the same pointless sh1t that I had to go through. I'm also (ironically enough) a qualified teacher, so not afraid of home schooling at least as far as I feel able and confident. If I felt the need to put the kids through exams at a later date there would be a way to achieve that.

    As a couple, if we see downsides to home schooling for our kids, it's the lack of opportunity to socialise with their peers. Although by the same token school is a strange social environment IMO and not one in which I personally thrived.

    I don't want to start another debate on education, nor am I judging anyone else's opinion on this one, just saying I don't see lack of access to school as an issue. Besides there are good schools in Spain too.
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  7. I've sat through what were at the time my potential last hours.

    My only conclusion is this...you can stand on the platform trying to pee in, or you can't stand on the train trying to pee out.

    One gets you no where and covered in pee, the other you are travelling and not getting pee'd on.

    Society won't change, so make the best of it as the alternatives don't exist with mankind at the population levels we have.

    Worth mentioning I'm a big fan of there being far fewer of us.
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  8. You finished the kitchen floor yet?!
  9. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    Yep, all done grouted an skirting on as well.... Next job find and fit a kitchen
  10. It's funny as well, that as you get older, you remember things you're dad told you as a kid.....he's now passed away, but one of his favourite sayings used to be..
    'We need a bloody good war..'
    It's not as crazy as it sounds.....over-population needs a way of sorting itself out!

    I also inherited his love of cycling :0)
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  11. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    But education also traps you. The more educated in your field the bigger hit you have to take to jump ship and the less well equippedyou are to do so.
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  12. Fancy fitting my bog?
  13. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    I haven't drop out just moved to a different place, brought a ruin and making it a house then guess buy some more to do up so I can't sit around alday on the sun shine.
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  14. @tommygoldy... Have you been watching Kevin McCloud's Escape to the Wild? New series on C4. Very inspiring... Brits deciding to leave the rat race and escape to far flung reaches of the world. I think there's only been two episodes so far... one family went to a remote island in Tonga & the other family went to live on the side of a volcano in Chile. Not that I'm suggesting that you go somewhere so extreme, but it was interesting what dilemmas they faced & how they overcame them. The lady in the first family struggled with the home-schooling for instance. @volkswombat is all for upping-sticks... the words "I'll even sell the Kombi if we go..." left his lips! Good luck with your decision.
  15. I change jobs every couple of years, re qualify and do something else...have never been asked about qualifications (other than full month professional ones) ever.

    Maybe the future is change careers every so often?
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  16. rickyrooo1

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    Piece of yellow snow
  17. But didn't both couples sniff a bit of 'old money' to you?
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  18. Zed

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    game set and match. Me neither despite doing work that required two degrees. :D I rest my case.
  19. That's by customers...I couldn't do the professional quals without the degree though.
  20. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Well they were just playing at it then. Home schooling? :lol: The phrase "make your mind up" springs to mind. Education is for people who wish to get off the side of the volcano, not those who choose to go there.

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