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  1. Hi and welcome another one in Dorset
  2. Thanks Outlaw! I have to say that your bus is an inspiration and only around the corner, so I'm looking forward to waving and seeing it closer up one day! :)

    Well, the update is the MOT has been passed! Yippee! So onwards and upwards!

    Initially failed on perished rubbers on the upper steering mounts and with an advisory that there was some play too, they were all replaced and everything is now tickety boo!! My favourite advisory was that there is an oil leak............LOL :)

    Pop top rubbers next and trying to resist temptation to start on my new wheels before the roof is finished. Must do the important stuff first and the fluffy stuff after!
  3. smile and wave if you see me in my green flag van
  4. Hello mate must of missed you first time round, welcome to TLB and get prepared to never have any money ever again :D
  5. Welcome from another south coaster! Hope to meet you around at a meet some day!
  6. are you both dorzet folk
  7. I see lots of lovely buses about around here, but I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for the Green Flag van! :)

    (I've got a Freelander and a T4 so the man in yellow has rescued me on a few occasions.................oops!!)
  8. never mind where in dorzet are u
  9. Blanford Forum per chance?
  10. Close Steveagain, I'm in the very lovely Wimborne Minster! :)
  11. JamesLey

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    All down my way (ish). Poole.
  12. just up the road i am in Ferndown
  13. Welcome ,absolute lovely van ,I have a Devon monnraker but the 79 one so mines all chipboard :(
    Dont get rid of that interior as its lovely ,theres currently on ebay your interior split up so you could replace any parts.
  14. Thanks Lord Congi!

    Thankfully the interior is pretty together, which is why I'm so desperate to get the pop top secure to stop any water damaging it. Only thing I'm missing, like most others I gather, is the little buddy seat that sat in between the front seats, but it's not a big deal for me and I've noticed that there are some pretty good ones available to buy new if I feel the need to have one. There are a few bits that will need some attention from a carpenter/cabinet maker, but it won't be complicated, just cut out and replace with the ply and veneer. Not going to affect the usage over the next year or so, so I will have time to find someone and work out what is best.

    I'm pretty sure that I will need to do something about the cushions though, as they're proper smelly and even with some serious febreeze they're not going to be very nice to sleep on. It's such a shame as they're in really good condition otherwise. I won't get rid, but I will definitely look into making some replacement ones for when I want to sleep in it. The covers are not removable, so it means I will have to buy new foam and the covering, so another expense to add to the non urgent list! I need to make some window coverings as well and as the curtain rails are all in place, I reckon it'll just be the bog standard curtains, but at least I can have some fun choosing the fabric!

    Now that it's all parked up on the driveway at home, I'm going to tackle the mouldy headlinings and panels next week. I'm hoping they'll clean up so I can make those hold on for a bit longer too. It's just busy, busy, busy!! :)
  15. David Phipp's/Halfords roundabout at 11:30 this morning.........OE..CYS?

    I did wave in case a colleague of yours is reporting deranged drivers!! :)
  16. thats me for sure i must have been away with the fairies as usual
  17. Well, you definitely get the benefit on this occasion, as I was in the very non descript Freelander and it was hideously grey weather....... time I'll toot like a loon as well!! :)
  18. lol yes please i will put on my late bay stickers on the van
  19. You are now a member of the madhouse welcome, do not expect sane answers unless its about dubs,and not then either
  20. and where mite ye be from bud

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