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  1. Hello!

    I've been lurking for a couple of weeks while my 'purchase' has been going through, so thought I'd make the leap, join and introduce myself.

    I popped my VW cherry purely by accident when I bought a T4 Caravelle to transport my greenlining motorbike. It should have stayed as was, but I caught the 'modding' bug and so the story began. Having got the machanicals out of the way, I went for the full respray last year and this year did a fair bit of interior modding ready for a trip to EuroBugging 5. Trouble was I wasn't aircooled and seeing all those lovely buses got me thinking (dreaming).................never a great idea!

    So, when someone saw the T4 on my driveway and said 'my nephew has a VW camper he needs to sell' I heard the words and tried to let it drop, but I couldn't. Next time the opportunity arose I asked a few more questions and a few weeks later a visit was organised. No high expectations and cash deposit firmly secreted in my pocket I went for a casual visit, fully expecting an absolute rotter.

    OK you can all facepalm at this point, because I fell in love before I'd even parked up.............I just shoved the deposit across and said I'd love to buy it. I was so giddy I didn't take any pictures, I did have a cursory look about, but hey, my mates had already said 'it can be welded, don't worry' so I didn't! (They did say afterwards they hadn't meant that quite as literally as I'd taken it, but it was too late by then!!)

    I took a knowledgeable friend back with me for a visit this week (he was on holiday last time) and I also remembered to take some pictures. He confirmed it was ok (not that it made any difference by then!) and I made a list of immediate bits to buy in advance. As of next weekend I will a hugely proud owner of an aircooled Dub!

    The only bit anyone is interested in................the photos!!

    1972 crossdresser Devon Moonraker ; Type 4 1700..........


    Original interior.............awsums, (let's ignore the mildew!!)


    ................and the fluffy dice are included in the sale..........woohoo!!


    I've done heaps of researching on here and after getting the engine working and an MOT the roof refurb will be a priority. I will be buying a cover, but I'm anxious not to let everything get ruined with rain water seeing as we're heading rapidly towards winter. There are a few obvious non urgent repairs required, but until I can get underneath and take a proper poke and look, I won't know what other work will be required immediately. Reckon all in all it should be keeping me busy and penniless over winter and for a considerable time to come. However, I hope to be smiling lots in between the swearing stroppy bits!!

    Thanks for reading!! :)
  2. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Crazy fool:( you'll fit right in around here:)
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  3. LOL Yep, that's what I figured Silver!!

    It's good 'ere innit!! :)
  4. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    Welcome, more pics of your interior please, I'm wanting to recreate an original Devon set up
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  5. I'll take a load of pics next week when the bus is in my grubby hands, Flakey!

    If it's any help there are loads of pic on t'internet, as it was one of the ways I tried to narrow down what I'd bought................I had no real idea until I went back and had a proper look (there was also a large sticker on the dash as a bit of a giveaway!!).

    The swivelly cooker is just brilliant, however the rest is so far unmolested by me, so I will have a fantastic time poking about next'll be like Christmas come early..............with a musty smell and some mildew thrown in.............mmmmmmmmm!!

  6. welcome aboard buddy, looks a good buy :thumbsup:
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  7. sweet
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  8. Howdy - I hope you have lots of fun in it.
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  9. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Hello & Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
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  10. Thanks everyone.

    CollyP as I understand it I'm likely to spend more time underneath it or staring into the engine bay than in it, so I had best get used to that!

    Fun, fun, fun!! ;)
  11. Belated welcome, just been checking back to see if I missed anyone as I always like to say high to a newbie as I was once one too :D

    Did much the same as you did and haven't regretted it once, called myself a few choice names on many occasions for doing it but no regrets :D

  12. Cool, thanks Robo! :thumbsup:

    I'm all ready for the final payment and arranging the transport over to the Yard. Have fresh fuel, new fuel lines and just have to get the new battery and it'll be fingers crossed after some good cleaning that'll be enough to get the engine fired up! That will be the show stopper for me, as that would need me to throw ££ I no longer have.

    If I had a sensible head on I'd never have done it, but where's the fun in that, eh? Worst case I'll have to make space on the driveway and get it trailered back home while I save up. I can always twiddle away cleaning and freshening up the inside from home, so not a waste of time.

    I'm like a kid at Christmas at the moment..............only difference is I know what Santa's bringing me.................a wuvverly bus!!! :D

    PS. I'm glad I'm not the only 'madder'.......I feel quite at home about this forum!! ;)
  13. Your in the right place, TLB is full of lovely peeps most of which are completely bonkers :D

    Fingers crossed the fire up goes to plan, had mine trailered from near chesterfield back to Leicester by a mate as I'd been told it needed a carb & wouldn't make the journey, another mate stripped the engine replaced all the gaskets & rubber boots etc. a quick re ring & all was good even the original carb was ok :D
  14. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Blimey - nice van mate, just like my first one back in the day- jeez!

  15. looks good some nice original stuff ,enjoy the ride
  16. Big thanks everyone!

    I'm really hoping that the engine is just a service, Robo. The family I'm buying it from are lovely, but the young lad who owns it isn't very mechanically minded, so I think my biggest concern is that he might have let something go unnoticed without realising. It's been stood for 2 years in which time the fuel lines have perished and it's dropped a fair bit of fuel and oil. Thankfully the brakes have not been on, so at least they're not seized and after a quick fiddle about it seems the engine isn't either. My Dub mates are happiest with the 1600, so being the 1700 Type 4 is going to reduce the pool of experience and spare parts available, but they've all been great and seem totally unfazed! I'm still oscillating wildly between totally excited and that 'WTF have I done' terror!

    As far as I can tell at this stage the interior is all original, present and correct (except the headunit and one of those funky little seats that fits into the walkthrough!), but there has clearly been some panel repair/replacement. I'd like to try and keep everything as original as possible, but I will need to get the lower half 'blown over' to match in the replacement panel on the rear nearside, as that bugs me a bit. I love original patina, I'm not so keen on patchwork, but I will have to tolerate it for quite a while as the funds won't allow for aesthetics and I know that I'll be adding to the patchwork effect considerably; strictly essentials to start with!
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  17. Sounds like you have some knowledgable mates to help you out, hope all goes to plan and your up and running soon :)
  18. Well, feeling a little giddy after this week. Bus was collected on a trailer on Monday and taken to a friend's Yard, but I didn't manage to get back over there again until Saturday.

    New fuel lines, a new battery and fresh fuel and the engine fired up perfectly!! The Bus then got a lovely hot shower with a steam jet wash and looked like new...............well, if you look through those rose tinted glasses all VW Camper owners wear!! Stripped all the cushions and seats out to take home for a thorough cleaning. Next week it's oil and filter change, new gear box oil, new wiper blades and taking a look at one of the brake callipers that isn't feeling quite right, then it'll be off for the dreaded MOT.

    As expected the bellows are completely disintegrated and the roof seals have seen better days. There appears to be no vinyl covering at all and the rivets were (pre jet wash) covered with tape.........looked like a snow scene in the yard!! Providing there are no £££ show stoppers highlighted during the MOT the roof will be the priority. I've bought a cheapish cover to see me through for now, but I'd really like it all water tight for the winter!!

    A couple of interior shots as requested: there is a fair bit of work that will need to be done to spruce the units back up, as where the ply is flat the layers are starting to split, but everywhere else seems to be ok. Only other 'problem' area seems to be the base of the cooker unit, which has turned to mush in places. All the damaged pieces seem to be separate though, so I'm hoping it will be possible to replace them without too much alteration to the actual structure of the furniture! However, nothing needs doing immediately apart from some serious heavy duty cleaning this side of the winter.


  19. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    *drool* that interior is bleddy gorgeous!!! Do not get rid of it! MMMMM...real wood....Oh... hello from us and welcome to this place :D
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  20. Thanks Wilma! I love the interior wooden bits, it's just that white formica I'm not quite so keen on! I'm going to get a wooden floor down to tie in with the wooden units and I may need to get new cushions, as the old ones are still smelling a bit 'strange'. I won't get rid of them and will keep them for those occasions when I feel the need to have it all original, but I'm thinking a new set in leather/vinyl will be more practical and fresher! ( Been joking that the number plate is OFH which apparently is short for Old Folks Home and that pretty much sums up how the cushions smell!! :( )

    As for the rest, it's been slow progress as not needing to use it until next Spring has meant there is no pressure to get stuff done and create a cash flow issue. The engine seems to be sweet, so it's just a brake clean up and down for the MOT to see if there are any hidden nasties I haven't spotted. After that it's poptop and back home for the cleaning up. A friend has managed to source a second hand pop top and replacement bellows, so hopefully that will keep the costs down and having 'one on, one off' will take the pressure off time wise, what with it being kept outside at the moment......there is only so much weather a flimsy cover can cope with and I'm not sure there will be much of it left after this week if the forecast is correct!

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