Don't laugh. They're getting changed...(maybe :)

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  1. I'd fill them with steel, or if your gonna use it as a camper, cut the windows out. Not a fan of panel conversions either, but the portholes (other than being different) are pretty pointless lol
  2. Cool, colour is to questioned about a nice bit off matt black ;)
  3. Trust you.. Mrs. Againstthegrain ;) haha
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  4. so play school shouldnt have bothered with the round window n ship builders were idiots then :eek:
  5. infact round is more rust friendly and less likely to leak surely .
  6. Welcome to the forum. For what its worth I would leave the portholes for now and use the bus for a while and see how you get on:thumbsup:
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  7. Ha ha ha you should see my latest hair colour ...matches OO'72 now there's devotion ! ;)
  8. Pod


    Fit a very narrow fish tank against the inside of the windows, now that would be cool :hattip:
  9. As you fell in love with the van as it stands, the portholes must have been part of the attraction. I bet the kids love them.

    The van has character and stands apart from the crowd. It won't be everyone's cup of tea but don't listen to us, go with your family :thumbsup:
  10. I propose you add a poll to this thread, and go with the outcome, X Factor style...... It's the democratic way, do it for the fans! :p
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  11. Hello & Welcome from somerset
  12. I wouldn't have bought a bus with portholes TBH, but if I accidentally did, the more people that said I should change or blank them, the more inclined I'd be to keep them. :)
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  13. Well Nautical Norris has made it home :beer::):):) and in one piece, It was to say the least an eye

    For now the portholes are staying, Money needs spending on a new interior/Viking canvas and beds so we can get the most out of him next summer.

    whoop whoop!!!!
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  14. Congrats...:hattip:just noticed a garage door near me with portholes ,could be a marriage made in heaven... :D
  15. Keep them, it's good to have a bit of variety. You could dress up like captain Birdseye and dress the kids up as pirates;)

    Or put 'proper' windows in, lower it slightly, put some alloys on and a roof rack full if old crap like everyone else:(
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  16. Love it - keep them and go nautical - welcome from Worcestershire!
  17. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    I like them ,if there not rusting where the cuts are ,wait till they rust then cut out for bigger windows
  18. Hi Guys, thought we would share our progress so far. Windows are staying until it goes for a respray (one day). We are hoping to be complete for Eskdale show in April.

    I have another worktop on top of the plain MDF, smev sink/cooker ready to go in and doors to fit this weekend, then time to sort the Viking roof and fit the canvas and beds.

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  19. I like the portholes, Good to see summat different!

    The interior is looking very cool too :thumbsup:
  20. Hi from Southampton. Good luck with your van it looks great. I personally love the windows it reminds me of one of our surfer friends vans when I was young he had leopard skin seat covers and 4 inch pile gold coloured carpet on the roof and walls. And brown shag pile carpet. It was real Rod Stewart stuff!! Very 70s. His van was a Bedford CF which also had portholes but it also had the sliding driver and passenger doors.

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