Don't laugh. They're getting changed...(maybe :)

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  1. Just put down a deposit on a 10 year joint dream, suddenly realising that our eldest had somehow got to 10 years old it has hit us that its now or what the heck.. This is our 4th dependant and we can't wait.
    Been looking at the forum and the info and help available is amazing, so many helpful people.

    Anyone busy on Saturday to help me find first gear? Going on the train to collect "Nautical Norris" (named by the kids) on Saturday for the 90 mile drive home. Wish us luck
    $_86 (2).jpg
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  2. Good luck!!! wheres it coming from?
  3. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  4. Ha-ha, I quite like that! Looks to have been nicely done. :)
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  5. PIE


    Nautical, I like that!
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  6. Not sure about the port-holes but definately different!
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  7. I didn't laugh......

    But my mrs actually lol'd!
    Please oh please un porthole it :)
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  8. Apparently all welding has been done (for now) got plenty MOT. Just what we were after. (- the barge windows...LOL)
    Running, Legal, comfy bed and can make a brew, more to come but will do for now.

    Do I order glass and a grinder now ??? What do you all think?
  9. Pod


    Thanks great, welcome aboard skipper ;)
  10. Pod


    Don't cut the character out :eek:
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  11. Extra info... colour change last year from Yellow.
  12. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    You'll be easy to spot :eek:
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  14. Welcome to the forum!
  15. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    i'd imagine the beatles had finished with it?
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  16. ive got a nice old brass porthole if you need an opener :D or dive dive dive . I like it by the way its original , welcome to the forum (we now need before and after photos of your good self too before your a full member thou ) o_O, have fun , up pe ri scopes :thumbsup:
  17. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    anyway, welcome along it's nice to see something different, normally ruining a panel van is a no-no for me but as it's already done your idea to get the grinser out sounds good.
  18. We'll see, its 4 against 1 at the minute so any support you can give would be great.
    Wife and kids LOVE IT !!!!!
  19. Is it the law that you have to wear a vintage diving helmet while driving? :p

    Proper windows immediately! :D
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