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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Woodylubber, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Woodylubber

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    We're just about to set off and go see inside a U.S Cold war Nuclear bunker at Alconbury air base :eek: Iv'e not lived here that long but my missus and everybody round here have heard about this for years but never been aloud in, Infact it did'nt officially exist to start with, anyway today they are doing tours for the first time and we're off in, It looks a bit bleak from the pictures but It may be an interesting day :thumbsup:
  2. I did vent on one in newark thats bit bleak too, suns come out today they forecast cloud n rain ,Marmitee hot these forecasters ,:rolleyes:so we are going to support the local hospital fete later , enjoy your hole wood :thumbsup:
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  3. And if a thermo nuclear way happens to occur whilst your in there... Win win!
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  4. Flakey

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    Been to one of those round here, there's Brown signs saying "Secret Nuclear Bunker" all over the place so it's a good job they don't need it anymore !!
  5. yeh the one we did was secret :confused:
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  6. We planned to go to The Miners Standard in Winster; it's yellow snowing down with rain now and forecast that for most of today & early tomorrow
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  7. Lashing down all day here. Will be spying the planner of all recorded to whilst drinking tea and eating chocolate hob nobs.
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  8. Take lots of pics. I'd be interested in a floor plan too if there is one.
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  9. Off to the Pricipality Stadium in Cardiff soon to see Monster Jam with my grandson. Can't wait :(
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  10. inside, as its a bit damp..

    will be watching 3 rounds of moto gp quali ..
    before heading to silverstone tomorrow in the sunshine ..perfect ..:hattip:
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  11. In Abodaron with congi it's chucking it down, not much signal in abersoch know in a coffee shop and it's just stopped raining but forecast gales
  12. I driven past Menwith Hill between Skipton/ Harrogate a few times. Its quite a feature of the landscape up that way. Always wanted to drive up n ask if I could have a look inside the big Golf Balls there :)
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  13. Fishing. Bivvy up. Rods out. Cider cracked open. Job done
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  14. Well I wouldn't say job done til you've caught some fish, so get to it!
  15. cracking quali
    2 brits on pole position ... roll on sunday
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  16. Dorset County show. Good fun but the rain came in the afternoon and we got completely soaked. Drove home in the bus peering through misty panes with a wet bum and a gnat's warm fart of air coming through the heater vents.
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  17. bernjb56

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    I've done some hoovering :thumbsup:
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  18. We have gone overseas in the bus for the first time:thumbsup:........

    Ok so it's the Isle of Wight but it still involved a ferry:D
  19. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    No...I went to VW Action
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  20. sweet we saw you ...:thumbsup:

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