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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by paradox, Nov 21, 2011.

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  3. Go for insurrection then ;D

    I've been about six years out of the job market, now I need a job as the pirates are getting older and I want my bike back on the I need an adrenaline fix 8)

    I have so many skills but none up to date, a quandary has appeared......what do I do, I have a calling for teaching, I love teaching my pirates but feel that teaching others pirates is wrong as their parents should do it, I'm used to teaching adults...but what in ?

    So at this rate I'll be advising peeps with VWs on the pros and con's of Air cooled versus water cooled....not a good future, guess I'll fall back on me artwork and paint watercolours for tourists :eek:

    But whatever I do, it will be for my pirates and myself...not for the man .
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    i hate to lecture anyone especially someone i really like , but para your a top man with a obvious talent for detail , get out there and find the thing you want , it won't come to you dude - you have to make it happen , when i hated my job 20 years ago i got out and started my own business building , i put on my smile , stuck my chest out and went for it , i did'nt do it by hoping it would come to me - i went and got it , it was fooookin hard and jesus did i have to put in the hours but i got there in the end .

    if you want me to tell your your particular gift i will , its attention to detail and being a thoroughly good egg -- find the job that wants that and your made -- i have no idea what that might be though .oh and remember to smile !.
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    I was told when I was paid to play sport to learn how to sell myself - the balance is how to do that without compromising your own integrity.

    I'm self employed - I get to work in lots of different places with different cultures - from cut throat to lazy. Its interesting that effectiveness and competance is not defined within either group.

    Many people struggle with self worth (overvalue it and undervalue it) and its not related to effort or intelligence. Could I work my way up the corporate ladder - probably not, as I tend to want to speak my mind - if something is good I say it, if it isn't then I say that too. Fortunately I am mainly employed to ensure that reality is being reported, not feel good or chimes of doom - just reality - and being independent of politics and towing the company line don't effect me.

    I try to use the things I am good at with my work ethic (attention to detail and mostly photographic memory) to help my career.

    If you need to knock yourself, try to do in in private (or amongst friends) but never undervalue yourself and avoid people that will undervalue you also - there is a world of arseholes that will knock you, don't put bullets in their gun. I've seen your work and would love that talent - and there are lots of things you can turn those attribute to, be they relationship or work.

    We live in troubled times - I see no reason to knock wanting to swim to the top as long as you don't force others to drown in the process. Those that want to cling to the sides and not try is up to them, but it won't stop me, and shouldn't stop you.
  8. im a legend .... nuff said

  9. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuumbo dude
  14. I did`nt find myself until 5 years ago....

    I wondered lonely as a cloud... 8)

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