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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by paradox, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Im clever ive got more to offer and hope one day someone else can see that in you?
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  4. i tell my boss this all the time but he goes deaf
  5. How are you finding lazy davidoft dude?

    Im still in the driven frame of mind but have considerd the lazy option
    It seems to suit a wide range of people
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    The skill is to get stuff done, but in a lazy way :)
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    Im self employed now but I've had a few jobs in the past, firstly if your face fits it does'nt really matter how clever you are you'll get on, In my last job where i worked for ten years I was like a part of the furniture, I just turned up did my bit and got paid for it, easy peasy, I saw decent people come and go just because they did'nt fit to how things were even though they worked harder than most of us who were in the so called in crowd and its wrong, this happens all over, i've also had jobs where I was'nt in and could'nt work out why, no reason just maybe one manager does'nt like you and thats it, your wasting your time, our country is still run by the old boys network and most of them are idiots but they are in charge of politics and industry, they keep there own in good jobs and you'd never break in to there circle, it still amazes me why we put up with it, the right school or uni or parents and your in, people should strive for the best they can do for there families but its not always in your own hands like it should be, we all know people who get paid fortunes and have easy jobs, they think there more important than they really are and say they've worked hard to get where they are, in most cases they were just lucky to be in the right place at the right time, some people work hard all there lifes and get knowhere due to those other people who just got lucky and keep them down :rant:
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  14. No, I might have started out looking to impress people in work, but soon got fed up of the brown nosing and the excessive hours required to have a high flying career. I make a good living with my own company, so what I've got to offer is what I actually do and it doesn't matter if anyone else sees it or not.
  15. Unless you are successfull, you will allways get looked over, somebody else with less moral value than yourself will allways get on better.

    I worked hard for a reputable motorcycle retailer for 15 that time they took peeps on offering them a grand above my salary...I got the goat and asked for a one up to the new employees salary...then got sacked as I was going to have a kid with a missus that wasn't my dare I.

    I have become tottally disillusioned with the jobs market as I refuse to lick marmite...or bosses posterior.

    Now I will only do menial work or work for myself...and yes I do feel i have so much to offer if only a decent opportunity would rear it's beautiful head ;D
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  17. So its a case of stick it to the man and make my own way?
  18. That's the one dude, if you can't beat them....try harder :)
  19. I've always risen rapidly upwards when I've worked in standard jobs. Mostly because my obvious boredom has been mistaken for intelligence. :)

    Someone once said the harder you work the luckier you get.

    I don't like to rely on an employer as they do tend to marmite on people. And they seem to find it impossible to say "thanks you did a good job there". I was an employer myself for a few years but I was nice and overpaid everyone. One of my employees even asked for a pay cut.:)

    One thing is for sure - Nobody is going to notice you unless you're doing something to be noticed for in full view of the person that needs to be impressed. Another thing life has taught me is that most opportunities jump up from what seems like nothing. In other words do what you do and see what happens. :)

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