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  1. Hes probably been exposed to a low level back in Feb and has immunity..

    It looks to me like there will be a test coming along.
    You take it and the results will provide a pointer to how you will suffer from COVID if you get it.

    All the way from - likely to end up in ICU through to asymptomatic.

    Based on the T cell response.

    Its also interesting that some people anyway have T cells that recognise COVID-19 .. and that it might be that very similar things may have been through east Asia during peoples lifetimes.
  2. That’s a good point mike. I heard a doctor on the radio the other week say a similar thing. Basically she said don’t get too hung up on specific coronavirus anti bodies because they are just one way the body fights it. She said if you’ve had a similar coronavirus in the past. The T cells you already have from that might be enough to stop the virus multiplying inside you to a point where you get really ill. This gives your body a bit of a buffer and means when the specific antibodies start working, they’ve got less virus to deal with. It was her guess that may be why some people get it so mild.
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  3. You had better believe it, mate.:cool:
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  4. I had a flu jab on jan, 17th.

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