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  1. Lots of poorly educated white people live in these areas too.
    People down south rarely have any concept of what poor Asian communities are like, the Asians they see are either their doctor or work in their local Indian restaurant.
    To be fair, 20 years ago, the only foreign people my kids saw.in the part of Sheffield I lived in was.just that.
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  2. Months ago I got shot down for saying we locked down too late and didn't quarantine people coming in.
    Strange that folk are getting quarantined now, when it was said it was impossible.
  3. It's a good excuse that others would have done worse.
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    Ha ha ha
    It’s no worse than others would have done better.
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  5. Not given a chance who knows.
    Some on here have bad work done on their bus but surely no-one could have done better.
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    I rest my case.
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    also the non Asian folk who are sat side by side in pubs.
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  8. Nobody really cares a fcku about anybody do they really ?

    suns out it’s hot let’s go to the coast... should we go it looks really busy doesn’t look like we can be safe? Yes We wanna go on there and they are on there so fcku um !
    Should we go to the pub ? looks really busy doesn’t look like we can be safe ? Yes we wanna go in there and they are in there so fcku um!
    Etc :thinking:
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  9. We will all get it, if we havnt had it already.
    I’m sure it’s been to our town already.
    My wife is now an assistant finance officer in a local primary school. In Feb, ALL the kids were off at the same time with high temps. Almost all of them were back 3 days later as though nothing happened. The nursery down the roads children, has the same thing, just under a week later. Everyone’s gonna get, not everyone is going to live.
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  10. On Farcebook, I kept saying that we should have been wearing masks months and months ago.Most people told me “you don’t know what your on about”...

    Ok then....
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  11. -Economy verses death ...which one ...look around and see for yourself
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  12. 5 years time the death toll will possibly equal in Europe ...we need to stop blaming and get on with supporting each other .
    These are almost impossible times to get things right who ever is in control .
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  13. Apparently there's a spike in the south west as well, doesnt surprise me - I was working in Bridgwater on Thursday - I stopped for petrol and as it was a large shop type place I put on a facemask to go in to pay. Must have been a dozen people in there with no masks on, all looked at me like I was from way past Bristol...
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  14. They just don't get it .
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  15. It’s because a lot of people have trouble with understanding science. Personally, I am thankful that I understand mechanics. Carbs...fuel atomisation...breath....Exhaust....baffles... masks....
    Sort of works for me...
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  16. Locked down two weeks too late, all the signs were there.

    Letting up from lockdown a bit too fast . It will hurt.
    And people think its all over. MUPPETS.

    See you at Volksworld 2022, the next time its on.
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  17. Yep - we will all get it sooner or later - but better not all at once - and better later when the NHS have figured out the best treatment - as for a vaccine - don't hold your breath (or maybe that will work instead of a mask!).
  18. This quarantine thing From Spain
    So you get off a plane at at Gatwick North and are met by security staff all wearing full PPE they collect everyone up put them in secure vehicles and take you home, and Then check on you every day to make sure you don’t go out.
    No you get off the plane Go through security
    Get on the monorail go the south terminal
    Get on a train get on a tube get on a bus
    Go in Tesco express and go home Sit at home for a fortnight waiting for someone to not call and check up
    And then check the situations vacant because you lost your job o_O
    Anyone going on the crowded beaches in uk then going home on the train etc should also be made to go into quarantine because they are basically doing the same thing and if anything spreading it more because it’s undocumented ;)
  19. So with all this in mind, how long before Boris is out and we get a Chinese prime minister?
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  20. Your the person you don't want to sit next to on a plane :p

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