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  1. Hmm, no spoilers if you've not watched tonight yet but.......
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    Just watched it ( 3 times) made me smile and left a bit open for a new series.

    Weak Christmas special though.
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    I was disappointed, for me the essence of the show is the lance/Andy relationship, not enough scenes together- far too much of lance alone, partly due to them actually all being busy on other projects and filming/editing actually only being finished on 16th Dec. the funniest part for me was Russell with fire extinguisher but that was just slapstick and not clever comedy, if they do another series it needs to up its game.
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  4. Must admit I was less keen on the second series. I thought it lost some of the natural ease of the first series, like they were trying too hard. Still really good though, just not quite as good. Favourite joke still the 'jim'll fix it' badge. I'll watch the Xmas special later. Hope they do a third series.
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  5. I enjoyed the Dads Army thing the other night much more, the casting was excellent.
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    writers seem to be "obsessed" with the 2 series rule on the bbc, the curse of fawlty towers i guess? do 2 and leave us wanting more.... i'm a big fan of detectorists i agree with @brothernumberone series 1 was great and series 2 was ok but deffo not as good, maybe if they do a 3rd mackenzie crook needs a hand with the writing credits? in my opinion a great way to go with this series would be to have an episode each week focusing on certain members individually - out of the group - for example russell at home as a totally downtrodden husband to a bossy wife etc - you get the idea? i really do think a 3rd series would struggle to go anywhere if it stayed the same.
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    yes i watched that too, it's repeated tonight i think - if not tonight then over the next day or so, that was a rehash of the doctor who one they did a year or so ago though.
  8. Seems the best you can hope for these days with a sitcom is the odd brilliant line once every couple of episodes, we did enjoy Detectorists though, it resonated with me being outdoors slightly obsessed with a hobby then going to the pub
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    he did say it could have been about anything hobby based as it was just a "buddy story" i agree with you, from my own experience the detectorist part could have been trainspotters or birdwatchers etc and still worked in a similar way.
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  10. What I liked about series 1 was the subtle nature of the humour, it just sort of happened.
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  11. Seems like they were setting Lance up to have more of a role on his own.
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    i don't think so, really due to it being a single episode they had to tag some sort of story in to the time allowed, series 2 was set 12 months after series 1 (as mentioned in series 2) this episode was set in real time 4 or 5 months after series 2, andy only got back from botswana on a flying visit and therefore lance was the natural to have the story based around, worrying for those wanting series 3 is the line that andy said when asked when he'd be back again "maybe next christmas" i guess writing could change anything but based in botswana as suggested wouldn't work with just lance and andy? and i can't see the budget allowing that really... let's wait and see - the great thing is with todays social media we will know soon, many people are asking adam tandy the producer every day.... twitter is all over it lol.
  13. We finally got round to watching it last night. It wasn't quite "there" was it? I thought it might have been the first half of a two part special, but it gave the impression of being thrown together. As Rick says, the focus was on Lance for some reason. I can only speculate there will be a third series as they seemed to be teasing us with Lance and the lady mechanic. But can anyone point to any "Christmas Special" in the last 20 years that last lived up to its billing? The Office deffo, but most others disappoint don't they?
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    Gavin and Stacey Christmas special is a winner @Jack Tatty most "Christmas specials" are a standard one with a few lights chucked in the corner.... Detectorists could be a victim of its own success, a good series with one joke really.... 10 years in the planning and all of a sudden they want more..... Hence my thought earlier that mr crook maybe needs writing assistance if it continues
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    Just read his reply to the detectorists forum.

    Thanks for your email and your kind words about the tv series.
    I have to admit that, in a rather cowardly fashion, I have been keeping an eye on the forum but I’ve never actually posted.
    I wanted to avoid getting personally involved in a discussion but I couldn’t resist having a look at what those in the metal detecting community were saying. Sorry if that’s a bit creepy.

    I’ve been blown away by the response Detectorists has got on the forum and I’d really like to thank people who’ve posted positive feedback.

    I know when the show was first announced a few people were understandably nervous that it would be an ill-researched parody of the hobby. Where people are passionate about something they have a right to be protective of it too.
    But, as I said early on, I only ever intended it to be an affectionate and realistic (almost) look at a fascinating pastime.

    I’m thrilled that metal detectorists themselves gave the show a chance, enjoyed it and could relate to the situations and characters.
    Even though the show had to appeal to a wide audience, it’s been the views of the detectorists that have been most interesting to me.

    I wanted to make the detecting bits of the film as accurate as possible but without getting bogged down in details that would bore non-hobbyists.

    I too, wince every time I see Lance throw down his CTX at the end of episode 1. But it was the only take we had from that angle. I hadn’t noticed Toby mistreating his machine until I got into the editing suite otherwise I would have had strong words.

    We heard this week that the BBC would like a second series next year which is fantastic news.

    I’ll get writing and I hope you enjoy the second series as much as you’ve seemed to enjoy the first.

    I’ll continue, if you don’t mind, not to post on the forum. (You might want to set up a separate, hidden forum where you don’t feel you’re being watched).
    But please feel free to post any or all of this letter on the site.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Mackenzie Crook.

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    The "bays on the box thread" made me remember to post here. I've recently had a Twitter conversation with Adam Tandy (producer/director of detectorists) he says it's doubtful there will be any more, deffo none this year and no plans as yet for any other announcements.
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  17. Here we go again.................
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    Up at the Edinburgh Fringe and been to a question and answer session with Mackenzie Crook today at the BBC zone. They showed the rush version of the first episode of series 3 - looks pretty good - BBC Four in November :)
  19. Seen some episodes and have to agree that it's the type of comedy that grows on you.

    What I don't like, however, is the occasional swearing that seems to creep into most programmes these days.

    Not being content with the widespread use of the F word, now the C word is deemed to be suitable to be used, as in one episode of 'Detectorists'.

    I may be old fashioned in this respect but it ruins the programme for me. Substituting those words with a milder form of expletive would not make the programme any less enjoyable in my opinion, a case in point being 'Porridge'.

    I'll just naff orf now before I get called a scrote.
  20. Just seen that there is a new series coming soon on BBC4
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