Dent beer and music festival

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  1. I think we'll be ok, thanks Steve..we are aiming to be in Dent mid afternoon :thumbsup:
  2. when I booked I asked for electric hook up, I did quote @MorkC68 booking ref as well but with Margret you never know where she's going to put you....
    we wont grt there until early evening...
  3. Owt could happen then & probably will! See you tomorrow buddy, safe travelling :D
  4. We’re main field bottom right corner next to the gap in the wall. Room for four .
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  5. Have many people turned up at the site or is it quiet....
  6. 538BFF98-E413-41C5-91C4-EB82B4A5714A.jpeg
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  7. Hi all
    Great weekend
    See you lol next time
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