Dent beer and music festival

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  1. I have been a couple of times in the past and met up with a few off here, anyone going this year. @MorkC68 .
    don't seam to be able to find any details of this years dates it only lists last years.

    its usually a good weekend away meeting this crowd off here, some good music playing and lots of good beer.
    camping can get booked up early so was looking to get dates so can organise time off.

    anyone going.................
  2. I’ve booked ,went last year and enjoyed it!
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  3. When is it?
  4. @wendygun we are booked in, as always :thumbsup:

    @Zebedee its Fri 22nd June to Sun 24th June.

    Mark (Ermintrude) said he hopes to make it too :D
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  5. cheers mark, thought you would know....
    I will look at calendar tomorrow to see if I can get that weekend.
    have you booked a plot, if not I will tell Margaret to lump us all together.
    has mark bought himself a tent to go in.....
  6. We have just booked for ourselves as the year before last saw quite a few who booked, not turning up and Margaret was not happy.

    If you ask to be lumped in around booking #36, that's ours but we usually head for the "TLB" spot anyway :lol:

    I'm not sure what Mark has bought, he just said he would hope to get when I asked him last night :D
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  7. I think I’m going to give it a miss this year.
  8. We've been looking at this, there's a couple of campsites mentioned. Is there one you'd recommend over the other?
  9. High laning is the one you want
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  10. We are interested, Wendygun, maybe have a convoy from Ulverston
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  11. I'm up for it if you lot don't mind a *whispers quietly* Peugeot motorhome spoiling the VW vibe.

    Will it be OK bringing the dogs as don't want to leave them with the inlaws as they just ignore them.
  12. doesn't matter dude, turn up, enjoy, have a great weekend!

    Plenty of others bring their dogs, again that doesn't matter either :D
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  13. dogs are fine, a few of us went for a walk down bye the river and mine went for a swim...........
  14. I'm up for that................ still trying to sort cover at work though.
    I would normally go Friday afternoon but may have to go a little later..
  15. don't make it too late, you'll throw Margaret off kilter :lol:
  16. We love this event but won't be there this year as away in France from May to July
  17. Is there hookups available?
  18. What scare tha holt carp out of her like kongi....
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  19. summat like that, yeah :lol:
  20. Apparently my other half has got tickets for the Ulverston Gin festival that weekend, so won't be able to go!

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