Dear Scotland

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Woodylubber, Sep 9, 2014.

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    He is just a tool. It will show in time!
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  2. Yep 'tool' is a good word for him
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    I don't think the Scots voted to be governed by England in the first place, I believe they were forced and many killed in the process. Yes it stopped them annoying us, and the Royal lot stole huge chunks that they still "own" privately but I don't recal from the history books that it was for their benefit and it still isn't. It's for the benefit of England, so as a Scot, I'd vote yes. As an Englishman I think they should vote no so we can continue controlling them, store our nuke's there, nick the oil money and characterise them as drunken red-headed oafs like the good old days. :)
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    I could cite all manner of reasoning. But suffice to say, I like to get one over on the man.. A yes vote is just playing their game, both sides!
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  5. do they not drink then :eek:
  6. they dont pay very often i know that:lol:
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    I've put a bit of thought into this:
    As neither side has managed to answer any question put to them by the other; I decided I really couldn't care less.
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  8. Today will be like one of those van import threads, but in reverse.

    Are they gone yet? :D
  9. Just spoke to my sister on the phone last night. She was born in Nottingham, currently lives in Florida and has a vote. :D She cast her postal vote already. She told me that she voted "nooooooooooooooooooooo!"
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  10. Most of Scotland has nothing to do with the oil industry (geographically) and have been propped up by it in the same way that the rest of the UK has. I'm not against independence, I just think it would be a mistake for Scotland and the YES campaign have dodged the difficult questions. If they decide to go it alone, good luck to them, but I don't think the books balance.
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    I hope this comes across right :confused: but in general it seems that the educated middle classes and above want a no vote and the lower educated working class and unemployed or even unemployable want a yes vote, I can understand that, this country is too London centric and it's gotta change, we really do need a fairer society
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  12. So your voting yes then is what your saying?
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    Well put. What you mean is the underclass are just as pizzed off as us and those who are ' alright jack' know where their breads buttered.

    I can understand it too. society should be fairer.
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    I haven't really read this thread because every time I look at the title Olly Murs pops into my head and I can't stop it...
    Dear Scotland, please excuse my writing,
    I can't stop my hands from shaking etc...

    Ear Worm for sale.
    1 previous owner.
    First to see will buy...and so on
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  15. Have they gone yet?
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    i think they're all making the most of the deep fried mars bar amnesty and trying to change the pounds in carlisle.
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  17. Hardly surprising - the SNP are promising more spending on welfare, so the beneficiaries vote YES and the people who are going to pay for it vote NO.
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  18. Flaw in your point there Malci, rent them back to you? really ? well , by your own reckoning seing as how we are all skint already ,and its gonna get worse , it would have to be some Govt. paying your /their rent ,as they are already,(apparently)and seeing as how the Jocks actually think that "free prescriptions/healthcare for the elderly/education think there is not ! a humungous bill , increasing by the day , just waiting to be paid, cos as we all know free is not free, ohmygod, if this vote goes to yes, there is gonna be one helluva (financial) wake up call soon.Although no one , prior to my good totally "not taking sides" approach has noticed the strategic importance off the top end of land off the jocks, and whilst ,in my opinion it is unlikely the Ruskies will seek to invade from their vantage point if Scotland get rid of the Nuc. deterrent,who knows ,its not wot is being said, its ,as usual, wots not ,i just voted YES there, lets see if this 2 bob bit country can in fact go it alone ,?will at least on failure , if failure comes this way silence the "its all the english/English Govt"s fault" well ,at least till the pubs open.
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    I agree with all you say and yes Scotland is a great country filled with good people, and you are not stirring it up, just putting your point across. the trouble is, they are kidding you, and us. This is the biggest bull,,,t scam from the upper classes in the unions history. I really don't care if Scotland are independent. What I care about is the lies of the politicians and gullibility of the electorate!

    Best of luck to you, whichever way it goes!
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    You believe the man. I don't.

    I was being flippant about the renting thing, Did that twenty years ago and sold up ten years back. My moneys safe!

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