Daisy's 1968 deluxe beetle full restoration

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by 1973daisey, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. Is this only in primer or is that the chinchilla on it, I can't tell on the phone
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  2. Gulf blue :thumbsup:

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  3. its only prima mate had few weeks off back to after the weekend
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  4. i had a little break was so tired as had been banging in the hours but but is deep cleaned now ready for trip had new bigger tyres on back so back onto beetle after the weekend gonna try get it painted next month if i can
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  5. Dazza

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  7. Have u see my summer adventures Daz been abroad more than home this has allways been winter job mate

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  8. Dazza

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    Of course I saw your summer adventures...of course I tried not to look at your updates to prevent and more envy driven resentment ;):thumbsup:

    But... Your impending OP and Your talk of doing the camper up over the winter and the lack of updates on the beetle worry me slightly that you are neglecting the old girl..

    Knowing you though I'm sure you won't hang around too long though :)
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  9. Na it will get done just camper has had a hard year and need a freshen up before gets to bad mate

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  10. Si the jig you used to set the bottom of the a post did you you make it or buy it if so where from I need to do both of my A posts at the bottoms but need to get them in the right place :)
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  11. I'll dig it out mate it's a hookeys door alignment tool ur welcome to borow it there only about £12

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  12. If your not using it and you don't mind I'll borrow it I put new doors on the weekend as the others were rotten at the bottoms the drivers drops about an inch when you open it and the passengers that had been repaired would not even shut as they set it to the old door but the hinge on the door was out of line so that's got to be replaced as well cheers.
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