Daisy's 1968 deluxe beetle full restoration

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by 1973daisey, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. Reckon the carling's taking affect already!
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  2. It's my freind

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  3. 13 days to go and I'm away 4 of them so still got some work to do but a lot less !!
  4. This is my mate for the evening!

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  5. I think I'm gonna use it to keep thebeetle in mean time as no garage mate
  6. I got told to stop drinking cider I fink to much it rots me lol
  7. ''Tis only apple juice!

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  8. Nearly there :beer:looking good
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  9. Very close now bud

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  10. Just come in to have some tea and a carling as fed up of sanding tonight !!

    I bear metteled rear drivers and front passenger wing boot lid and allso started under the bonnet ! Then set about finishing also the songs in the wings and all 4 wings are now ready for paint and quite smooth justvthe front left got smashed up in that storm but al good now then stripped the pass door to all glad ect out and sanded rear vents best as poss !! The roof is allso ready for paint now !! And finished off by rust stopperin a few places in gutters !! [​IMG]
    Fed up of coming in the house looking like this can't wait for the shiney bolt on bits
    I started sanding the wings ect but was so many bits of paint on there I started from scratch

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  11. You look like a man on the edge :eek:
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  12. OF GREATNESS!!!!!
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  13. Iv been on this extra hard recently but taking mrs Daisy away for 4 days in bus upto ladies day and the grand national up at aintree on Thursday so not many more nights left before paint

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  14. I know mate only pulling your leg;)
    Looking forward to a chill out on the TE weekend. She's buying bottles you know....:burp:
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  15. Shall be ready for our 5:30 date on Saturday as normal !

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  16. Another bit done tonight trying to clear up the loose ends up now small repair to rear ended (was a tiny hole just needs skin over and then the drivers carpet strip and then as the bonnet been down I couldn't see the front scuttle and Jesus it was worse than I remember so cut out the rotten bits and started making up it's replacements but got late so spent 2 hours sanding front windscreen surround and underneath bonnet!! That's it till Monday now as taking wife away for 5th wedding anniversary (not told her on the way back I have bought a huge joblot of stuff for the beetle so see how that goes

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  17. Sorry Si ...but your knickers coming off ....very very very unlikely.;)
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  18. Just u wait till techenders I might wear my best ones

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  19. Have you got the bonnet seal grip strip to weld back on the scuttle are are you just gonna glue the seal on?
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  20. I'm gonna use the Mexico style seal clips in the bonnet same on the boot lid

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