DAB radio: aerial splitter

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrooge95, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Wevs
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  2. I have pictures erm :D

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  3. There was a certain amount of prevarication!! ;)
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  4. Measure three times, cut once :thumbsup:
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  5. Is there a proper dab aerial that will fit in your existing aerial holes?

    Probably not or that is what I would have done.

    My expensive ish adaptor (to turn normal aerial into dab aerial) is no better than a cheap windscreen mounted dab aerial
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  6. I’m going to try the adapter and see if it does the trick. If not, I’ll flog it and just get a windscreen one. It would be just too perfect if there was a DAB one that was exactly like my FM aerial and fitted in the same holes..... so I’m thinking probably there isn’t!
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  7. I put my dab aerial on the cab roof you could do that and keep the fm one on the front
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  8. Dubs

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  9. My adaptor is a kinetic DAA 7002.

    It was from dab on wheels
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  10. OK thinking about getting @scrooge95's radio, I assume I'll need a spindle to DIN kit to fit the Retro Radio into my slot. Can anyone who has a Retro Radio confirm I'm on the right lines, please?

    Here's my radio.. IMG_20190831_175324~2.jpg
  11. Yes, you need the ‘conversion’ kit.
    The shape of the retrosound radio unit is about half the width of a normal DIN sized stereo, so the space has to filled out on either side with metal bits that attach and grip the DIN slot. If that makes sense.
  12. Thanks :) I'll get on ordered and save my pennies for your old unit :D
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  13. I've got a radio cassette.
    It has long wave and I can listen to the cricket .
    It's ACE...

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  14. It was only ‘ace’ last Sunday. It was crap the rest of the time.
  15. Right, get to techenders with it as soon as possible! ;)

    (I’ve got a LW portable radio too, but it eats batteries for fun.... it will be on the passenger seat for my journey though!)

    And bugger off @CollyP , cricket is ace all the time, it was just especially good last Sunday :D
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  16. Big thanks to @paneuropaul for the fact I've been listening to the cricket on Radio 5 Sports Extra all afternoon!
    The splitter works perfectly at converting the normal aerial to work with the DAB :)
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  17. Yep, surprisingly good, I'm hopeful that I can cobble something together for my car now.
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  18. My DIN kit arrived Friday, so I'm set to exchange beer tokens for a non DAB Retro Radio :)

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