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  1. Looking at switching to DAB radio in the bus and would like to use the AM/FM aerial that is already in place.
    I’ve looked at this splitter that combines the two different aerial outputs on the radio and connects both to the one mast.
    But I’m a complete dunce when it comes to electrics and it appears to need power and earth.
    I would leave it til techenders and hope someone with an electrical brain might give me some help, but the last Ashes Teat is on over that weekend so I’m going to need my DAB up and running ASAP so I can listen to Test Match Special on Radio 5X.
    Help! :)

  2. easy to fit that. black wire to chassis on the bus and the red wire to a switched live feed from your radio(blue wire labelled as remote) that way it is only powered when the radio is on.
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  3. literally a 10 minute job, if that

    what DAB radio do you have?
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  4. I've tried the glass mounted ones and the splitter type on the van and our 2 cars and never had much luck until I fitted a proper roof-mounted one and it been great since and much better than FM in our area.

    They are not cheap through I think they were about £60
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  5. Proper roof mounted connected to a dab+ radio , ordinary dab is pants these days.
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  6. Thanks Matt, not bought the radio yet but would love the DAB retro sound unit. Got a small bonus at work and thought I would buy something frivolous! Although now my iPhone seems to have gone up the shoot 8 months before I’m due for an upgrade I may have to use it for that instead! Pah!
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  7. and now i'm looking at DAB retrosound radios, thanks a lot Sarah!!

    I already have a retrosound but not dab.......
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  8. Same as me then!! :D
    We’’ll flood the market with 2nd hand non DAB units!
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  9. DAB in general for mobile/vehicle use is a miserable failure. Yes there are some good coverage areas, but it does not have enough error correction
    Sensible countries like Norway use DAB+.
    Its miles better, with more error correction so it works better in towns and mountains.
    But to switch would alienate everybody who bought DAB radios.

    You might be better paying for a biggish data SIM and using a new 4G phone to stream radio .

    Depends where you try to use it, no digital solution works quite as widely as good old Band 2 FM.
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  10. I’ve just fitted a dab plus radio and aerial from Halfords. Sounds great. £135 all in.
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  11. 668ACAF4-E376-4D0F-8ED5-B968984DFD5A.jpeg Screen mount aerial was £20, radio was 115
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    I was wondering about dab in the car, but wondered if it's going to constantly drop out in poor reception areas like phone radio does.. can any of you up to date with modern Tech types confirm? :thinking:
  13. I believe in Norfolk, only the Turnip Channel uses DAB.
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  14. DAB works fine in my daily VW :)
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  15. How I dream of having 4g we don't even get a phone signal around home.

    DAB works better than FM in my area and even touring around never had an issue where the DAB didn't work and FM did
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    I didn't realise there where any other channels to be honest. :thumbsup:
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. There’s Carrot FM as well.
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  19. PS, aw mooch for your old retro radio @scrooge95
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