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  1. We're at some festival thing in Sheffield this weekend, but pm me your number and I'll happily talk you through stuff.
    Mrs Monkey in the spirit, just to keep all this real...
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  2. I think she’s had enough ;)...
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  3. HFR.... you've obviously never partaken in my Prosecco club at TE :p
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  4. Good of you...will do that but probably have a look first thing bit haven't got much time this weekend.

  5. Enjoy the festival :)
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  6. So got CV loose and now I see the problem :) I can't remember if CV has enough clearance will it just slip off? Or does circlip have to be removed?

    I also see the obvious lowering off diff to get to it. I'm going to need help with lowering it if (how) you dont mind. Lowering it will allowing clearance to pull off above diff, correct?
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  7. Does that look ok people?
  8. Nice one. How did you wrestle it off in the end...?
    There's obviously wear in there that isnt going to get any better but....
    How will you use the car? If its only the odd trip out I'd repack them.
    You know how easy they are to do so the job holds no fear.
    Longer trips, just carry a spare. Overland, replace and still carry a spare. Degrees of judgement only you can make:thumbsup:
    Lots of info on the Samba with pictures to scare yourself with...:eek:;)
  9. Hello theBusmonkey. Not a daily runner so I will repack.
    Well I released the upper control arm which gave me enough room to pop it out. Not ideal but got it off. Putting it back should be fun to.

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  10. Ideal then as its not a daily
  11. Does that correct? There's no raised edge on center bit on other side so I guess it doesn't matter?
  12. If you look at the centre bit with the splines (the inner race) one side around the splined hole is chamfered to give a leading edge onto the shaft.
    There should be some grooves around one end of the outer bit (outer race). They face towards the differential.
    Front inners also have a dished washer fitted. Its there to tension the joint.
    They often require pressing on, hence the ease of doing the job on the bench but hey ho you've got this far:D
    Remember to ensure the spacers are fitted between the joint and the differential flange and that the bolts are the correct length.
    35Nm is the torque for the bolts off the top of my head, but I'll check Bentley for you....
  13. IMG_20190723_203821.jpg
    There you go. Domed washer on shaft first, then joint, then circlip. Good luck...!
  14. IMG_20190723_204415.jpg
    Now, here's a thing.
    If I recall, when I did mine there wasn't a hope in hell of getting the spring washer and the joint onto the shaft and there being enough room for the circlip.
    I measured the space in the shaft and the combined metal bits and it physically couldn't fit.
    Sooooo, as your vehicle the same age as Goran, that may be the case for you.
    But...try and fit them like the illustration first, or at least get a vernier on there to confirm if the washer will fit or not.
    New circlip, or you run the possibility of it all unravelling, which it'll do quite quickly:eek::rolleyes::thumbsup:
  15. IMG_20190723_205749616.jpg
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  16. Wow this is trying me today.

    I don't think there was a a gap for the circlip. I dont remember seeing one bit I can't be sure. Is that enough clearance?
  17. You have packed it with grease haven't you lol. Or is that a trial fit?
  18. After dicking about trying to get the thing on I'm going to grease it before it goes on. This has been a right #@££

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