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Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by Tezzah, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Bare is in mind that if you have a rubbish box a new/better shifter not improve it.
  6. Tezzah, that looks great. We're thinking of getting one too. The only problem is the gap between the gear shifter and the handbrake looks very small. Do you have the same problem that the Empi shifter has in that the shifter and handbrake clash during 1st gear hill starts?
  7. I fitted mine yesterday after a good discount offer from vwheritage. Wow, can't believe I didn't buy one earlier! Really easy to install with clear and concise instructions. The gap at the base means you can actually see how the stop plate works and gives you enough room to move it too.
    Shifter is located so it's actually nowhere near your handbrake and is actually closer to you than the og stick was. Really comfortable changing, even the other half drove the bus last night finding the gears easy enough which for someone who's never driven anything older than ten years old, thats good going surely!? :)
  8. Worth checking the exchange rate. I bought my CSP bellcrank direct from Germany it was £18 cheaper thanks to the exchange rate at the time. Took 3 days to arrrive
  9. Just had a look these work out at €250 including shipping so about £180 - most of the big sites over her are wanting £229 so seems a good deal ?!
  10. I had an EMPI shifter and you are right 1st gear was quite close to the hand brake, my new CSP one is offset to the right so now fits much better. Gear change is better too!
  11. Just fitted my new CSP shifter, fitted and adjusted in 20 mins !! Has made a significant difference to the gear changes , although neutrol is still sometimes a gear !!!!
    possibly a little more adjustment. well worth the £220. (bonus it looks good too !):thumbsup:
  12. I have one on my bus and it was money well spent. Never heard a bad word said about them.

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