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  1. I ordered a shifter from them direct as there weren't any in the UK. I've been bugging them for weeks now and it's nearly ready, in fact this is the picture they posted in their Facebook page. Top guys over there in the land of Germans, always willing to help out and I have even talked to them via Facebook whilst I fitted my breather box to ensure it was perfect. 8)

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    ;D That's a classic reply.
  3. Love it. Who'd have guessed, Germans with a sense of humour. Or maybe that's not humour just efficient customer service, showing how far down the line the order is. On balance, I favour the second option.
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    germans do have humour! look at the earlybays

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  5. Out of interest, what is it that makes these damned expensive shifters so good?

    Do they have a mesh for the bottom of the stick to guide it into gear?
  6. I think Harry Potter casts a spell over them............ no idea, they just work? 8)
  8. Gears you say?
    there are gears in there!?

    CSP you say, hmmmmmm (goes to money box and gives it a shake)
    (returns dispondantly) i too shall save up for one. :)
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    They work better because generally they work more precisely (using 2 pivots (not sure that is the correct engineering term)) not a cup and ball.
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    When I have the money Gene Berg will have shortly after.
  13. My gears all work, sometimes lol.

    3rd to 2nd only happens if I'm really slowing down...............
  14. I has one of these!! Its the do dahs - can find every gear and can navigate the legendary third to second passage (sounds a bit rude). Worth every penny - would never have got out of Switzerland without it!
  15. The reason I ask is surely it's cheaper to fabricate one up
  16. Yay, it was here when I got back yesterday along with 2 free t-shirts as a gift for the delay (these are
  17. I'm a happy with my csp sticker user, so don't get what all the fuzz's all about, But I'm looking forward to test the bugtech one out.
  18. Well, the fitting took place and how easy was that!!!!!

    2 bolts undone, gearstick and spring removed. Aperture cleaned, new ball end bit greased. Plate and gearshift tightened by hand, all gears working. Tightened up with the torque wrench as per the manual and took for a test drive.


    I can go in and out of any gear, from 4th to 2nd, 3rd to 2nd etc, reverse is the push button, what a real difference this makes, unreal. ;D

    I would recommend this product, it works as they say it will and took 5 minutes to fit. 8)

  19. AM I right is saying they cost £250? Is that inc delivery & everything? How long does it take from ordering to recieving & do you pay at the start or when its ready? :)
  20. I must ad one of these to the wish list

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