Creative engineering 130PCD rear drum.

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  1. Hi all,

    My 76 Bay currently is at the paint shop, and I hope to get it back this spring.

    I have a set of 6" late model Fuchs that I would like to use on it.

    I would prefer not to use adaptator. I found that C.E. sold rear drums with a 130 PCD and I have a few questions about it. I send them an Email, but haven't received an answer yet.
    I don't know if any of you have some experience with this product, but it looks like a nice clean way to change from 5x112 to 5x130.
    You basically remove the original drum and hub assembly and replace them with a spacer and a new 5x130 drum. Same way as beetle rear brakes.
    Being French spoken, this is how I understood.
    My question are;
    does a 130 pcd for "porker wheels" really is 5x130?
    Does it use press in studs or wheel bolts?
    Do some of you already use this setup? And what do you think about it?
    Being creative engeneering stuff, I'm not worry about quality, but I never seen this kind of product before.
    A bit long, sorry, and I hope I wrote in a understable way
  2. I don't think you will find many people in the same situation as you, but I hope you get some answers.

    You could try ringing Creative Engineering +44 (0) 1258 863600.

    I run genuine fuchs on machine 7 adaptor plates and have done for 17 years.

    The widest tyre I can squeeze under the rear arches is a 185/65 R15.

    If you get the creative engineering rear drums, id be interested to know how you find them

    Red 9 design may do a rear disc set up that allows you to fit porsche wheels
  3. It's been way to long that I hasn't hold a conversation in English to be able to pick up the phone and try to explain what I want. I bet the guy will think that I'm a telemarketer from Pakistan .
    I don't want/need rear disc brakes. It's more money and our MOT stations will give it a fail. Drums will be more low profile and less headache with the inspectors. I'm from Belgium, we have less and less freedom to modify anything on our car...
    I will send them another email. I just want to be sure they will fit with Porsche wheels without any other mods.
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  4. As I have the same wheels & to try and help my friend from across the water.....

    I'll try and call them tomorrow and ask some relevant questions and then post the reply up here.

    I was in Belgium in my bus this summer. We had a great time.

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  5. All they do is take normal drums at 112 pcd and slot them to go over the 130 pcd ... I would imagine they have redrilled the hub or manufactured new ones . I did this years ago but the spline is the hard bit ... I have the drums I can take a pic of if you wish
  6. Wow! Thank you! We got some nice places over here indeed. I live in the south part of this silly little country, close to Durbuy and La Roche. Lot's of tourists during summer and Holydays. I do regularly see T3 and a few T2, especially after Le Bug Show. ;)
    I owe you some beers :thumbsup:

    That's how I planned to fit my Fuchs, you also have to shorten the driveshaft and machine a longer tread for the axle nut to be able to put a center cap on the wheel. Or use a spacer. But, the CE drum looks to be more simple. Here is a video that explain how it works, for 5x205 pcd.

    Quite neat to me.
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  7. the 130 pcd doesn’t use a redrilled brake drum .
    you can see the slotted drum in vid . Same drum for 112 &130

    I never shortened the axle or retreaded when I fitted mine but made a 12mm spacer to space centre cap out .

    I then made my own rear disc set up and I did shorten the axle by 4mm to get the fuch centre cap on .
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  8. Make sense...
    Not a bad way to do it though. Still need to have the shaft shortened for a nice fit.
    Well, lets see what Paul will came back from CE.
    Ho, stock wheels doesn't looks that bad...
  9. Ive just called

    The man i need to speak to is out

    He may be able to get back to me this PM
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  10. Better late than never with my reply

    I've just spoken to Creative engineering.

    He has a late bay hub/set up so when he has chance he is going to try and fit one of these drums over it. Currently he can't quite remember everything he need to about them, so is being cautious.

    He does a lot more with the prototype ones which are a CSP made kit and very good.

    He is going to let me have a few photos so we can then compare to our set ups.

    Your 1976 bay set up is probably more straight forward than my 1973 set up which may be different from other latebays set ups.

    Basically to fit these you slide off the standard late bay drum, you apply a small spacer dow the half shaft, then put the 130pcd drums on. There may also be need for a small spacer to fit the porsche wheels exactly, as original porsche wheels differ a lot from one set to another.

    I hope that helps @Jean-François

    Soryr i forgot o ask the question about press in studs or wheel bolts.
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  11. Great and thanks you to take time asking those info ;-)
    So, it is not a set up with redrilled hubs and drums.
    It is a nice way to fit Porsche wheels on a bay.
    Merci ;-)
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  12. I'll upload the pictures when he sends them to me.

    I said I wasn't in a hurry.
    But it was slightly more urgent for my mate (you) with a 1976 bay.

    Sounds like a really decent proper bloke & engineer. He wants to do stuff properly.
  13. I'm not in hurry too, there isn't any paint on my bus yet lol. (But the paint guy is on it and had start to prep the interior).
    But, that's the way I want to fit Porsche wheels on my bus. Clean and simple.
    I just need to have my front brakes redrilled or find a kit like that that reuse most of the stock stuff.
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  14. I asked creative about front disc kits in a porsche pattern, they don't do them, but he suggested some googling would find some other engineers who have

    Genuine Porsche Caliper Disc Conversion was what he suggested i google - i haven't looked yet.

    Red 9 do something that may be of use?
  15. I would prefer to keep the stock set up, firstly because I don't need big stopping power or want bragging about big brakes and I need to keep low profile because of stringent MOT controls. Also, fitting brakes that are 60% more efficient than the stock set up, it will be necessary to upgrade the rear. It can snowball and be spendy€£$
  16. is there a stock set up that will take porsche wheels though?

    I run stock front disc with adaptor plates to fit the fuchs

    At some point id like to lose the adaptor plates
  17. I think your trying to find a solution to something that has been done already .. 130 PCDon front = early drum brake spindles and Porsche 944 hubs and callipers .
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  18. Never heard of that. Do you have more info?

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