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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Flyer60, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Been busy Rich? ;)
  2. always
  3. :thumbsup:I've had great service from coolair. Stuff delivered next day Royal Mail more than once. All good stuff.
    The dipstick boot is 18 months old and lookin good no leaks
    TLB discount has been applied without asking or reminding
    Five star rating:thumbsup:
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  4. That's fine as long as you accept all the negative along with with the good ....what happened to josh ? He disappeared because of the bad rap he got on here . Every time someone slates a company it gets locked so for me it has to be a two way street .....
  5. The key seems to be know your customers and treat them well. I've rung coolair on my mobile before, a number I used to set up my online account. This obviously displays my vehicle and TLB membership status, Name, address the lot to the person taking the call.
    They used my name without being
    given it and posted stuff without the need to give an address again. Simple but impressive.
    I have spent very little in the grand scheme of things, probably £150-£200 all in over two or three transactions but I have still been treated like a valued customer. Credit where credit is due

  6. always do, but only seem to get negative from you TBH (which is fine) every one gets treated the same from us if they spend £10 or £1000.Everyone makes the odd mistake and we always try our best to rectify any problem how so ever they arise. I treat people how I would like to be treated myself. who is Josh?
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  7. Josh is poor old Josh from Just Kampers :(

    The Trolls scared him away :(
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  8. If i`m honest i`ve only used coolair once which was a few years ago , it was some voucher issue thing . Nothing personal
    I can understand feedback , (i don`t understand alot of stuff on this forum) , parts suppliers provide a service , make a reasonable profit and post item out ! if a part supplier went massively out of their way to provide service then yes positive feedback required but for regular everyday transactions then i don`t think it warrents it .....i`m not a troll or have any malaice against coolair
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