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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Flyer60, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Just wanted to say what great customer service I got from these guy's, Ordered their Fuel Hose Bundle Kit on 24th and it arrived today 26th, during the ordering process I had a bit of an issue with setting up my account on line (my fault not theirs I must add) but a quick phone call and "jobs a good'un" going to kit the Fuel line kit this weekend so will do a review on that later, but all in all a great service.
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  2. why big up a company for just doing what they`re supposed to ?

    I went to mackydees and yep my burger was there along with my drink and fries !!!! woop de do
  3. Thanks mate, its nice and helpful to know when somewhere provides a good and helpful service and are worth using, may pop there next month for some more of my list, not to far from us :thumbsup:
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    I think any company that provides good service deserves some praise. There are enough around who don't get the idea of customer service & when you find one who does then praise them. We've had enough negative reports about various suppliers that it is a nice change to hear when one does the right thing even if it is "for just doing what they`re supposed to".
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  5. Nothing wrong with recommending somewhere you've been happy with :thumbsup:

    Never recommended a shop or restaurant to anyone?

    If had a shop i would be very grateful if someone was to recommend me for my good service, even if it is what i was "supposed to do"


    Ps i can recommend the McDonalds in Thurrock Retail park, very friendly and good coffee, they have I pads on the tables to play with :thumbsup:
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  6. I've spent £1000's with them and we've had one or two issues but it's always been resolved satisfactorily.
    Having dealt with then all, Coolair are still at the top of my list.
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  7. I'd go nuts if they put woop de do on my burger, I don'y know what it is but it doesn't sound healthy!
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  8. Oh thought you were going to say macky d's! Lol
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  9. nice....and my reason for posting about the good customer service was just that, it was a good service and not all companies have that now days.
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  10. any sauce with that sir :D
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    Definitely one of the good guys!
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  12. What he says.

    People are very quick to complain when service is rubbish so why not compliment those that do what they should or more.
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  13. fair play, I spoke to Vw Heritage this week,Alex it was regarding a tow bar, he was polite, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about it, I said thanks for your help and he said" that's ok that's what we're here for,", I put the phone down feeling I had good service ,:thumbsup:
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  14. I always use coolair, always get good service..... I'm gonna try Mc Donald's tonight on Lhu's recommend. Lol
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  15. That will be a 'happy meal' then
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  16. I'm not knocking coolair but I don't get what was so great ? You ordered some parts and they turned up 2 days later ! Yes I'm a glass half full person and yes miserable too .....what I think is great is when you get sent a free part by a TLB member to help you out not a parts company that charges a fortune and over charges on postage ( not talking about coolair in particular ) so what fuel pipe did they supply R9 ?
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  17. Well, they don't sell VW parts but excellent customer service, I complained that my brand new crap make suit case broke (they broke the wheels) they came to the hotel two days later and give me a brand new much better make one. :)
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  19. thank you, much appreciated

  20. why not? I'll tip a waiter/waitress for doing what they are supposed to do if they do it well

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