Connecting the gas to my job sink combo

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  1. I went to see a caravan repair guy in Chesterfield ,Columbia caravan repairs who sells parts very helpful , sold me all the kit for a few quid and a shed load of advice , with YouTube as well going to fit it myself , with the help of local gas safe to test it once it’s fitted.
    Thanks for all the advice .
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    I did find a paper from the USA backed by some quite sensible industry figures which has the premise that for all their requirements for qualification to work in a particular area, in fact it has made little difference overall to safety when compared with less regulated countries..
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    Probably due to false sense of security from following instructions compared to thinking for yourself and understanding. IMO you're always better off understanding what you're doing. That's not to say that properly trained people don't understand what they are doing, but some of them don't. When I was at college the course was sponsored by two local engineering firms, the result was it was impossible to fail. One subject I literally did not complete enough of the exam to pass even if I'd got it completely right but I passed. I also recal a gas safety training for going onto transco live gas sites - it was multiple choice filled in with pencils that had an eraser on the end, the "examiner" strolled around suggesting people might want to look again at Q* until he could see we'd all pass. Obviously then Transco couldn't be sued if we blew something up as we'd passed the safety course.
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