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  1. Great news! I’m not really impressed with Heritage as I’ve spent literally thousands with them in the last couple of years with this and the cabrio’s restoration. I’ve got at least another 2 Restos to do after this one so will have to think hard about where to spend my money next time. I run my business on trust as I don’t really see there is any other way, but I don’t think there is any at heritage. I got the usual “have you connected it up right” until I told them I was an electrical engineer! Anyway, I didn’t lose my rag just calmly paid for another with gritted teeth, thinking at least JK throws in a bag of sweets!
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    I must say we are more selective with who we get parts from these days, C & C, Schofields, Heritage or JK mostly as their websites are easy to use, Coolairs website can be tricky depending on how much effort you put in.

    I think you should be okay with the alternator, fingers crossed for you :)
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    Send the Chinese one back and get your genuine one rebuilt.
    M.C. Alternators in Warrington does a 2 day service.
    I've used Mark a few times over the years and the service is top notch. If you can wait and get the old new one repaired, it'll save you having to do the job twice!
    Worth a phone call to check his lead time??
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  5. Thanks BM, yep I’m going to get the other one sorted. Just amazing that a freshly rebuilt Bosch one with zero miles can be fubar! I’ll check out the link. I’m going to have to fit the Chinese one as we’re due to go away this weekend.
  6. Cheers Mork
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    Ahh, enjoy your time away :thumbsup:
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  8. It’s still very much fingers crossed tho I’m afraid! 5 years in the workshop, the kids are questioning if we’ll ever go anywhere in it! But I’m close now as I’ve written a list! First trip won’t be far and I’d like to build the distance up slowly till we get the inevitable gremlins sorted....
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  9. Yeah as said above C&C I would trust without a blink, stunning set of lads who good tackle :)
  10. What oil do they sell?
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  11. :-D only the best :-D
  12. BAEB34A9-D12F-4365-89D2-4ACE8F54D655.jpeg It gets better!


    I love the way the alternator was put in the box with packaging on the sides and top but nothing on the bottom where I’d guess it needs the most protection in transit. I ‘spose I’m lucky it got here without falling out the box!

    I’m not sure I should fit it or not!
  13. Anyhow I now have a list and I’m well on my way through it!!

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  14. Towball and wiring. ✔️

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    Check off "Glue door seals in". They shouldn't need it apart from a tiny bit along the fronts of the cab doors.
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  16. Hope you save all your'll love seeing the total at the end :-D
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    Just default 0 seems to work ok.
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  18. Cheers Rob, I did actually set it at 0 and it seems fine. Very impressed with the quality and the engine sounds sweet too.
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  19. Well, we didn’t make it away in the camper this weekend. Simply ran out of time and too many little jobs that have taken too long! I’m glad in a way cos it’ll give me chance to try to get it a bit more finished..
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  20. Never mind, you've done a cracking job and it's nearly there. :hattip:
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