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  1. Thanks, sounds good but I need something quickly. How fast was the turnaround?
  2. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Moderator

    from memory about a week, it was quick
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  3. What was the cost Mork? I’m not sure I’ve even got the right distributor to begin with!
  4. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Moderator

    Around £180 including vat courier costs and electronic ignition (less with points fitted)
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  5. theBusmonkey

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    What's the part number?:)
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  6. I’m not able to check until tomorrow when I’m back up the workshop but you’ll never guess what! @rob.e has only gone and offered to send me his old one to help me get on the road. I’m totally amazed and humbled of the help that I’m constantly given on this forum. I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without it. Thank you guys (& girls)!
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  7. theBusmonkey

    theBusmonkey Sponsor

    Suffix 205S
    For our GE code hydraulic self adjusting FI motor.
    Of course you know, but for the benefit of others trying to work out stuff :thumbsup:
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  8. Thanks @theBusmonkey that isn’t the one I’ve got, I’m sure! I did struggle to find one when I put the engine in the van but it’s been that long ago I can’t really remember...
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  9. So time is against me and everything is starting to go wrong!!

    Replacement distributor failed to arrive..
    Double arrggh!!

    Tried to fit sliding window to replace the failed attempt of the 1/4 window and buggered that up too!
    Triple arrggh!!

    Probably best to walk away for a day or two!
  10. YES! YES! YES!!!
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  11. Nice bit of kit fella!

    So what's the best oil to use?
  12. I hope so!

    As for the oil

    I use Castrol Classic XL20w/50 as it was the recommended oil by my engine builder.
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  13. Quality oil, I use that due to a similar advice :-D

    So what's the best oil to use?
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  14. I've had a delivery of one very nice distributor in the post today. What curve did you set yours to please @rob.e ? I'm looking at either 0 which is 'one curve fits all' or maybe 9 which seems to be a match for the 205s distributor that @theBusmonkey posted up.
  15. How do you even work out what's best? I haven't a clue I used to use Castrol gtx in my bug without any problems and also used cheapy stuff when I was younger and skint. I think it's more important to change it regularly.
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  16. :-D it's a bit of mischief in a way - search the forum one time... So apologies, just meant as a bit of banter. So in a bit of seriousness...

    I'm in Aus, so there is penrite which (in my opinion) gives off a burn smell. So I stick with what I know Castrol, and when you go through the various additives the classic is actually a bit more suitable for the engine (again in my opinion)

    I'll end it there as it can be like a hornet's nest

    So what's the best oil to use?
  17. Haha! You are a one!!!
    Banter accepted, it is a bone of contention for a lot of the freaks out there! Bit like what tyres....or points or pertronix!!

    FWIW I used to use Castrol r40 in my mini’s back in the day and that smelt lovely!!
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  18. :-D

    Used to play a lot with minis, my first car was a mini which just ran away with me... My folks still have a 1275 engine and lord knows how many bits squirreled away in the garage :-D

    So what's the best oil to use?
  19. So, 2 steps forwards and one step back! I’ve fitted the 123 distributor and used the strobe gun to set it up at 7.5 BTDC which according to BENTLEY is correct for my engine. I also used the gun to set idle at 900 rpm which is halfway between what the Bentley book recommends (850-950 rpm). The engine sound really good when warm but is a little lumpy when cold but only a little so I guess there is something not quite right with the FI. I’ll have to look at that later and I think I might invest in a CO meter to get a better idea what’s going on. The 123 really is a beautiful bit of kit. It’s well made and was easy to fit. I’m hoping it’ll be a good investment and reliable in service.

    Unfortunately while fitting the distributor and running the engine, the charge light came on. So on further investigation the brand new Bosch alternator is goosed! To make matters worse it’s out of warranty and Heritage don’t want to know. £260 down the drain! To make matters worse they don’t have any more in stock so they have sold me a Chinese one with a tenner discount! I’m going to fit that today when it comes but I’m not expecting it to be a good experience! I plan on sending the Bosch one to my local auto-electrical guys for a rebuild/repair. On the plus side though, when removing the alternator I found the dipstick bellows had perished. Guess where I bought that from?! Luckily I had a Viton one on the shelf that seems much better quality.
  20. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Moderator

    those Chinese alternators are Marmitee, our first one lasted 300 miles and the second 2800 miles.

    Apparently the brushes wear and stick off the armature as they are slightly larger than the area they locate in. We removed the brushes and sanded them back gently until they slid freely. It brought ours back to life.

    When we complained to Heritage, we got the first one replaced but the second one was the no one else has had issues comment, which we said was odd as that one was our second one and a few TLB folk have had issues too!
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