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  1. Liking the ply roof lining - could do with looking at that for mine as it still has the original fabric one in which is well passed it's sell by date!!
    Looking good so far :thumbsup:
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  2. Thanks I’m hoping the end is near! The ply does look ok and I reckon even tho it was a pig to do it’s probably a lot less faff than a vinyl type! It would prob been easier if the old one was the original so easier to make a copy. It should be simple to keep clean too
  3. Okey dokey! New leisure fuse box fitted and VSR for the split charge along with leisure battery. Isolators fitted to both batteries along with fuses!
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  4. Another little job is to get the reversing lights working. The fuse in the engine bay is blown so after a quick poke around I find the cause, the switched feed from the gearbox is connected to ground and not the light! Easy fix for once!!
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  5. Ok so working reversing lights and a leisure battery installed means I can sort the head unit! Yay! Rear camera takes its feed from the reversing lights which then automatically switches the screen to rear view. It’s not too bad quality for a cheap eBay part.. hopefully it’ll last??!!
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  6. And the farty little speakers sound ok. Would prob be better with a subwoofer added but it’s ok for now.
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  7. And you can spot the leisure battery voltage in the glove box in the photo above
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  8. Managed to get some more ply so I’ve cut new curtain covers and added the westy laminate. Also cut the thin headliner panels that fit down the sides of the roof. I’m going to try to fit them in one piece.
    F36415FB-9FD0-44DB-B23F-86763B29917C.jpeg D924D8A0-86DC-4294-B2CF-0E1286F81E89.jpeg
  9. CD966961-9D47-4C20-AA1C-C7D51D1BD245.jpeg 7F67B6F4-9706-4210-894C-FD7DA3822652.jpeg A989082A-D4BB-4545-89E9-19059088B370.jpeg EAAA2E44-AE57-4F45-93FC-B5EE1DCDBE60.jpeg I bought a digital cylinder head temperature gauge from eBay and wasn’t sure if I liked the look of it but I decided to fit the sender before the engine gets too oily!
  10. I’ll fit the display later on this week hopefully!
  11. B5BA4BA5-61B9-4776-B86B-F574A7B2CBF0.jpeg B12DE3B4-532F-4E92-87C8-78E96183DE2E.jpeg 3E0C667D-575A-4F47-B256-272AF3497154.jpeg

    While in the engine bay I thought I’d better tidy up all the vacuum hoses and pipes etc. Now I wasn’t keen on having loads of hose clips everywhere as it didn’t come from the factory like that but I guess reliability should win over originality! As you all know sourcing good FI hoses can be tricky...and expensive! So I’ve used good quality silicone hoses where I can, but they kink when bent and getting them with the correct bends in is pretty difficult, so I hatched a plan! The big hose between the S boot and the crankcase breather is the most tricky. I inserted a length of plastic electrical conduit into the silicone hose and the put the bending spring in and bent it to shape...voila! No kinks and no cost too, result!
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  12. Now the engine is running smoothly and I’ve adjusted the idle. I plan to get the strobe on it to check the timing and I wouldn’t mind hooking it up to an analyser too just to check the mixture is correct and not too lean.

    The booster fan for the heating caused some grief. The bus didn’t come with an engine or the fan so I bought a decent one and restored it with powder coat etc. But it didn’t fit! Apparently the later bays used a plastic fan and the pitch between the mounting bolt holes is different.

    So I took a chance on an untested AEG plastic one at Dubfreeze for £20. Gave it a clean and connected to the battery to test and it run smooth as. Fitted up and added new hoses too.



    You can also spot the fire extinguisher fitted to the engine bay roof. I plan to wire the fuel pump through the switch on the extinguisher to stop the flow of petrol in the event of the worst case scenario... I’m not sure of the load of the pump so will probably go with a relay so I can also wire in an indication lamp in the cab to show pump running.
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  13. Take the sealing washer off the plug – the sender replaces it.
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  14. Oops! Many thanks Westy!
  15. More varnish!!
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  16. Stickers....
    C623EA31-F79B-4B05-AC59-C44C0BFBC255.jpeg 8BBF3ED4-38CD-4E9B-BEA5-414B0577E6A5.jpeg 2CCF1EF2-8806-4F24-BB8D-E4032D4B2EF3.jpeg
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  17. And a ‘76’ aerial topper cos I’m sad! 61C8AD60-F379-4653-8D2A-3AF48272D3FA.jpeg
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  18. Not sad in my book :)

    The last one I had lasted a week on the streets of Portsmouth :(
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  19. Yeah they do stand out and shout ‘take me’

    I bought a load of them years ago and I’ve only just found this one, god knows where the others have gone but I’ve a nasty feeling it’s got something to do with the kids or the dog!
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  20. Nice work, but I noticed that you still have the washer on the plug, someone recently posted that the original washer should be removed to keep the spark plug poking the same distance into the cylinder. Personally I'm not sure we will notice any difference but I thought I should mention it.

    Oops I hadn't read all the way to the bottom before replying and hadn't seen 77westy's post
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