Chilli, The funky green chillin' machine!

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  2. Oh bother! I've just fried my pertronix!
  3. Oh bugger:(
  4. Yep! That’s 90 quid down the drain!
  5. Forgot I had a bit of bling hiding away that I bought ages ago when I was going through a shiny phase! A butty’s bits vent cover.. 713CA369-5F7D-41B3-801F-C18A17FB6688.jpeg
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  6. New rubber bump stops for the pop top mech

    And fitted the covers on the top bed too

  7. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Moderator

    How did you go making those wooden strips?
  8. vinnyboy

    vinnyboy Supporter

    Yip, mine lasted a week up in Newcastle :mad:
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  9. Ok but as fiddly as a thin wooden thing can be to cut, sand and varnish! Last coat went on this evening so I might have a go at fitting them over the next couple of days. The measurements were spot on cheers!
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  10. MorkC68

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    Im pleased they went well and the drawing was spot on, I'll keep my eye open for the fitting :D
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  11. theBusmonkey

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    Not the end of the world tbh. Just reinstated my points and condenser and Chip is running better then ever.
    The trick, it would appear, is to gap the points with the dissy out. So much easier and more accurate :thumbsup:
    Oh, and I can see what's going on with points. Electronic ignition is so, well, dark...
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  12. Yeah I think I’m going to put some points back in for now too. I’m not sure if I want to go to a 123 distributor so a new Pertronix would be a good chunk towards one. I’ll see how the points go first as it is a chunk of money to upgrade. I suppose the good thing about points is that they are cheap enough to carry a few spares!
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  13. theBusmonkey

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    We'd done 16k across the USA, then at least another 20k around Europe when I decided to 'upgrade' to Pertronix 1.
    I love it at first, convinced myself the payback in fuel consumption would justify the cost and always promised myself we'd get a spare unit just in case....
    Another 100 quid etc etc.
    I never did get the spare but just carried the old stuff.
    Then the intermittent problems started and they could only have been a poor unit coz they've completely disappeared now I've swapped back.
    Some peeps have had both Accuspark and Pertronix for years with no issues but I've decided I actually like to see my ignition timing up close and personal, rather than rely on something that either works or doesn't.
    Sods law dictates it doesn't work exactly at the time and in the place you really need it to....:rolleyes:
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  14. Life hey...
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  15. Just stripping the distributor ready to change back to points and it looks pretty goosed! Time for a new unit, but what to buy?
    I tried one of those cheapy Chinese things before but it ended up on the floor with me bashing the crap out of it with a lump hammer! So what to do?
  16. rob.e

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  17. I think I might but not sure how quick I can get one...
    I going to curse it now and say we really want to use the camper next week!!
  18. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Moderator

    If your distributor is a Bosch, these guys do a superb rebuild

    We sent the most knackered of knackered Bosch dizzys for a rebuild and it came back as good as new
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  19. So while pondering over what distributors to choose some other kit has arrived in the shape of a tool kit for the van. I’ve read the post on here for the roadside tool kit that’s recommended and started to gather!!


    And it all fits into the spare wheel cupboard under the water container. I should be able to stuff a few spares in there too!

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  20. C9B1A308-2A64-4C3D-9A6E-B25A04107FB4.jpeg The headliner side pieces have had the last coats of varnish thank god, so best to fit them. The bus didn’t come with the side bits or the rubber trim that finishes the edges. @MorkC68 And @andyv helped with the measurements so I could make them from scratch. I hunted for the correct edging but was hard to find but good ol eBay turned up the goods! The front seal was even harder to find but I’m hoping the seal I’ve found will work



    And I’ve managed to fit one of the curtain covers
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