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  1. My 1911 has got a Eurorace II cam in it at the moment, which gives good power but a torque curve as steep as a Swiss mountainside. I'm looking to get something more sensible, as my longer ratio gearbox means there's a bigger gap to bridge between 3rd and 4th and it's not that easy as it stands when going up hill. What are the options to look at?
  2. Web 494
  3. As has been said before, try smaller vents first? Much easier/cheaper/quicker.
  4. I asked the same question of the rolling road guy and showed him the previous dyno plot. I asked him what options are available in terms of carb setup including vent sizes. He said that with the torque curve being so steep, the cam is likely to be a big limiter in terms of low end torque and so trying to set up around the same cam wouldn't make a huge change to the driving characteristics. I don't want to spend money and time trying to make something work if it's unlikely to succeed.
  5. smaller tyres....
  6. Eurorace II what? should have a letter after. I'd guess E which is 280 x 430" and similar to the cam in mine which had bags of torque with ICT (28mm vent) carbs.
  7. I think it's H, but @Paul Weeding will be able to confirm. H is 286 x 485", so more lift and a bit more duration. The Webb 494 mentioned by @masterjedi is 280 x 465". Does 6 degrees of duration really make such a difference?
  8. They are the letters @zed

    They do an I and an II, it's not Roman numerals ;)

    281° & .475 of lift, so essentially the same as the 494...

    We'll need to shorten the duration, which will drop the torque band down the rev range.... We could drop in a C that would give 270° & .425 of lift, it should give you loads of bottom end torque... changing the box has made a big difference to how the engine performs on the road!! :eek:

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