Camping in the Cotswolds @ Swinbrook 29/30/31 st July 2016

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Keith.H, Jan 19, 2016.

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  2. Woodylubber

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    It's a cracking area,I need to explore it some more
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  3. We had the afternoon in Bourton on the water, the boy decided to visit the motor museum! Fab place!

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  4. I was disappointed we didn't meet Daveyboy down the Swan when we nipped in for a pint :( :lol:
  5. I thought @WoodyLubber did and they ended up best mates?
    Something about shutting all Universitys? :D
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  6. :lol: :D
  7. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    I could only afford one pint and he would'nt buy a round :)
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  8. Yes FK thanks for that. Good to know.
  9. Weeee arrrr back. Great weeeekend with them lot ^^^ cheers to hosts @Keith.H and @top banana racing , and of course david i cant steer this ship no more cameeerooon for the beer ;) we went on to oxfordshire skid mark campsite and had a bit of a ball night out with @oscar n co , pub crawl maximus :beer:. Will stick a few pics up when i get chance to sort the 100 0r so i took :eek: . just a taster keiths and hols 2016 016.JPG the faust be with you
    the morks scoffint keiths and hols 2016 019.JPG keiths and hols 2016 027.JPG mr n mrs art , art getting the eye keiths and hols 2016 028.JPG woody showing a bit of norvernleg keiths and hols 2016 030.JPG the gooners chillin keiths and hols 2016 037.JPG the oscars chillin keiths and hols 2016 039.JPG tbr crashed outside my bus
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  10. i did tidy up a bit after art :D but the fire was out when we left :eek: i fawt :confused: i think dave n his boys must have gone in and had a free warm :D
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  11. a day trip to that their oxford one for @Barry Haynes keiths and hols 2016 072.JPG
    by the river keiths and hols 2016 073.JPG

    we thought we spotted @zed ............ keiths and hols 2016 074.JPG

    then we went and studied how ta write propa inglish init
    keiths and hols 2016 067.JPG
    keiths and hols 2016 063.JPG
    then i found a pub

    then i found the bloke who built my first car keiths and hols 2016 070.JPG
    then i found this bloke who was making millions from just tappin his feet
    keiths and hols 2016 079.JPG
    followed by a chinese lunch n a couple of beers in cosmos :food:
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  12. Ive just found this one i promised to put up for @Valveandy keiths and hols 2016 052.JPG the original guy ropes

    and the @WoodyLubber seminar on T4,s keiths and hols 2016 035.JPG
    oh and come on own up guess who stabbed the spam?? keiths and hols 2016 053.JPG
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  13. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Great weekend
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  14. If I'd known you had spam I would of dug out a chunk for bait as the cheese & bread was rubbish! The worms were better but the X-ray fish kept grabbing them

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  15. wasnt mine worse luck or id have scoffed it , the owner / poacher , shall remain nameless , he had cheese too but he didnt even catch a yabby ;)
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  17. Thats not Woodys T4 seminar its the Vodka bar :burp:

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