Camping in the Cotswolds @ Swinbrook 29/30/31 st July 2016

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  1. Was fab & deffo on our radar for next one

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  2. It happens for your information ....When you stop drinking ;)
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  3. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Now sat in wet Wales wishing we were back at the field with all the above. Had a great weekend with nice people. Thanks @Keith.H for the venue and all you did to get it ready.
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  4. Woodylubber

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    We was thinking about you lot today after seeing the forecast and it's even lashing down here now :( Like you say , great weekend, top people and Keith really does a great job
  5. Same place, same channel, same time (1st w/e in Aug)
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  6. Il be there again
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  7. I went down this evening to put things away and tidy up, i must say it was in a better state than it started in, all rubbish bagged up and neat and tidy, so many thanks to whoever did that @Barneyrubble ?
    Fire was still going :)
  8. Hi there Matchy looked up yournumber plate area for FK lists it from Dudley when new .
    Is it FK as on your avatar ?
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  9. We're in! :D
  10. Will it be first weekend in August?? Or last weekend July like this one?? I have to get it in on the calendar before my dad books his parrot in at ours for lodgings!!

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  11. Us too for deffo I might even put my slip in at work tomorrow to ensure I get the Friday off work & make it a proper weekend next year

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  12. Woodylubber

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    I don't reckon you could handle two nights ;)
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  13. 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Aug 2017
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  14. I must have had a dodgey pint.
    Still feeling rough.
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  15. FTFY
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  16. Barney's cooking cider was the dealbreaker :eek: :burp:

  17. we went back sunday evening to have a go at the trout ...

    and we saw a neanderthal figure, or a strange wizard making fire .... :eek:

  18. Thanx alot to Keith and his sidekick ..sideshow Glyn for a well organised weekend

    had a cracking time on sat eve/aft
    and then a sneaky return sunday nite to see barney and some brown trout...

    we stayed in a modern stylish cottage in stow ....


    well they said it was...
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  19. DSCF2128.JPG

    the bbq went down well ....


    the fire was supurb



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