Camping in the Cotswolds@ Swinbrook 1st, 2nd & 3rd August 2014 & 2015

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  1. Ok i have a field in the Cotswold @ a village called Swinbrook, the field is next to a cricket pitch and has a stream running down one side and the river Windrush in one corner, there is also a pub about 100 yards away "The Swan" so a pretty nice spot
    It should be possible to make the field available for a get together if i don't have to jump through too many hoops, the only thing i would have to do is get the field cut beforehand.
    It may well have to wait until next year as my Bus wont be going any where anytime soon and i would feel a bit stupid turning up in a Nissan and going home at night!, i have also agreed to it being used in August for a military vehicle meet so i might find out if there are any drawbacks then
    Anyway why ive started the thread is to find out what problems H&S or other i might encounter and how to get around them, if that is possible

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  2. Ahh living in a van down by the river

  3. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    If there are no facilities you may need to hire some in and charge a fee to cover your costs! Unless the cricket club are very obliging!

    Just a thought:)

    Sounds like a good idea and a generous offer.
  4. Yeah i quite often go down at dawn with a handline, found these but not spotted the beasties yet!


  5. dog


    we usually charge a small amount to cover the cost of portaloos when we have an event, apart from that its your land, set your rules and have fun. there are lots of informal meets on here as well as tlb organised ones!
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  7. Whats the difference between the two?, i think i would probably go for setting a limit and then first come first served, shouldt upset anyone that way?
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    no difference at all matey, we have an insurance for tlb events, not exactly sure what it covers though, think its just a public liability thingy. a limit seems like a good idea. its almost a central location too which is good as most camps seem to be fairly northern or southern. have a think about what you want to do and if you need some help i'm sure there will be plenty of willing volunteers!
  9. Does/doesn't Diamond Dave stay around there? if yes ,hellsbells ,D.D.shows up to prove his "street cred"! <<I'm in !
  10. Err yeah he drinks in the Pub sometimes:burp:
  11. I met the guy organising the military get together today, they are holding it on the 10th / 11th August and there will be about a dozen vehicles there, the cricket club allow them to use the toilets and open the bar on the Sat evening.
    Would say 4 members from here be interested in joining them (by that i mean being in the same field using the same facilities) for a free weekends camping to give it a trial run?, give some feedback with a view to doing something next year?
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  12. Would love to Keith but its a bit far for me :(
    Great offer though :thumbsup:
  13. Not sure if i'll be free on those exact dates but thats about 12 miles or so from me so i'd be willing to give it a go if I am. Other than what I said on the other thread, I know not a lot about H&S other than what the Dunstable Dubbers people do which is say f**k it, lets party and camp. Different I think if it's a big or large event.
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  14. I'm up for it Keith. Ill have to run it past the wife first and is it ok for kids?
  15. Kids will be fine, just bear in mind you will be by a river
  16. That's great. Is fishing allowed on the river? Haven't fished a river since I was a kid, and my boy would love it. :)
  17. You can include me for a camping weekend, doubt I can make August though
  18. Hey Keith,
    I can SEE your field from my house!
    You could roll your camper down the hill and I'll tow it back!
    The Cricket club are very obliging, acouple of my employees play there, I know someone in the Portaloo business if that helps?
    I could probably rope a local farmer into mowing it for you?
    Me and Mrs TBR would love to pop down, Mrs TBR could walk home for a shower then!
  19. There is a short stretch where you can fish, upstream and downstream is stocked yearly by the Cotswold flyfishers, luckily the Trout dont know there trespassing;)
  20. Fancy this Keith on another date, but can't make this one due to work.

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